Wednesday, September 27, 2023


How touching your RV could shock or even kill you


By Chuck Woodbury, editor,

Please watch the short video below by Mike Sokol. Watching it could save your life one day!

You may be familiar with Mike from his series on RV electric safety, The No Shock Zone. I highly recommend you read it, start to finish. Mike has now embarked on a video series of the same subject — a subject in which he’s an expert. In this three-minute video, Mike shows the shocking (literally!) consequences of what can happen to you after you hook up your RV to an improperly wired campground power pedestal or if you use an extension cord that has been miswired by a less-than-knowledgeable handyman. He also shows you how to test your RV after hooking up with a Fluke Voltage Tester so you don’t become a victim.

Please leave a comment if you had an experience similar to what Mike describes. The dummy in the video got its head blown up: it’s unlikely you have had that experience because you’d be dead. However, if you know someone who has been shocked (or worse!), please leave a comment. After watching this, I believe that at least a few viewers will avoid becoming the victim of a shock that could have injured or killed them or a loved one. So, please, take a minute to watch. And tell your RVer friends to as well.


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