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How would you describe the quality of workmanship on your RV?

We hear a lot these days about the often poor quality RVs being manufactured. We’ve heard the same thing for many years, but to many RVers the quality is worse in recent times. What do you think? What has been your experience? Please answer the survey. And feel free to leave a comment.


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5 years ago

I live full-time in my 1988 Bigfoot TT. Everything about this trailer is quality, and I have had very few issues over the years (picture me knocking on wood here). Most have been minor, easily fixed by a single woman with limited skills, but creative solutions.

After reading some of these comments regarding shoddy workmanship, I’m more convinced than ever that I’ll be holding on to my sweet Bigfoot for a very long time. I wish all the best to the folks who are fighting with manufacturers/dealers to make things right!

5 years ago

Stay away from Grand Design…their quality control has went downhill since Winnebago took over.

Al Cain
5 years ago

Recently purchased a 2018 Keystone Cougar TT and by the end of the first trip discovered some issues that could be considered just laziness in the manufacture. The shower lining isn’t attached to the wall, the trim on the LR slide isn’t fastened down on one end (looking behind it, you can see several holes where they tried to screw it on but the spot failed), storage door latch not secured, antenna not seated on mounting shaft, bolts on vent over bathroom not tightened down, T-handles on waste gates not secured (one parted company with the trailer on the first day), and other little things that just drive you crazy! Considering the PDI process I was told about, seems the quality would have been a lot higher.

Joel Vinson
5 years ago

We have a love/hate relationship with a 2015 Keystone Cougar TT and our first night camping, found the rear jack bent (dealer was the cause). “Bumper to bumper” turns out is a VERY BROAD term. Keystone doesn’t cover “bent” and our dealer didnt do the first thing about it. Then a year into our “new” camper, the floor went spongy. Keystone took it back to the factory and replaced the floor. The axels under these rigs are absolutely horrible! Wheel barrow tires are better than the substandard excuses they put on them. The cabinets are nothing but a visual effect. I’ve learned how to work on most everything, so I’m slowly getting it right. When problems aren’t occurring, we love camping and traveling.

Michael Gardner
5 years ago

2015 custom built forest river ultra light – about 80% was built fine, 10% was TERRIBLE DESIGN and 10% was terrible choices made by builders to save time during construction. I spent a full two man-weeks going through my trailer correcting the 20% of problems before they happened in some remote camping site (or before they burned my trailer to the ground). From using cheap velcro on seat backs to twisting 8 gauge battery cables in a wire nut (yes, main battery feed cut and twisted with wire nut, “held on” with tape). There is simply no excuse for some of the things I’ve encountered from Forest River (and Rockwood which IS also Forest River) except their drive to make a buck off of unsuspecting buyers.

Bluebird Bob
5 years ago

We have a 32 year old Bluebird Wanderlodge that is going strong now as it did when we got it 20 years ago. These were made before Prevost and were top of the line rigs. Solid inside, no particle boards, foam insulation and it goes on and on. We have had people say our rig is 100% better quality than theres.
Would we trade up? Not on your life!!

Mark Wilson
5 years ago

We got a sandpiper distinction trailer wow poor workmanship . . We ordered with no waste tanks , they still messed up . Shower drain not hooked up . Washer drain not hooked up , this found two years latter sewer smell and all . Be sure and check them out before you buy . Electric outlets not even straight with world . Oh and roof leaks and not even 2 year old . Would not buy this brand again

Lois Greene
5 years ago

We purchased a new but “leftover” 2015 Travel Lite truck camper. I am not sure if this considered an RV? It was very pricey and actually it looks pretty good and has all the bells and whistles. We have had nothing but problems with it. The quality is lacking that is for sure. We have only been able to use it once for three days due to problems like a rip in the slide canopy to the vent from the micro/convection oven just falling out. It is back at the dealer now for a list of about 7 things wrong, again. It all started when we had it home for several weeks and noticed a reflector in a strange area. My husband removed it and it covered a crack that obviously someone was hoping to hide (factory or dealer?). We picked it up at factory in Indiana ourselves after that first repair and were mortified at the condition of the facility and now understand why all of the defects are present. We are so disappointed in what we hoped would be a wonderful entry in the RV world.

5 years ago

Wow! Reading these comments I feel very fortunate. The older rigs were obviously made better. I would rate our 2015 Redwood “Great”. Not excellent, but much better than good. No issues other than replacing the ice maker line.

5 years ago

Purchased a 2010 Sunset Creek by Sunnybrook at the Hershey Rv show. In 2009. Last year before bought out by Winnebago. Unfortunately quality didn’t go with the sale. In seven years we have had zero problems. The quality of the Winnebago version is non existent.

5 years ago

Why is this industry have sooo many issues…maybe they should stop the piece work and consider quality control…been researching for some time now keep going towards tiffin/newmar…so many negs with forrest river thor fleetwood…I really like the thor challenger fleetwood bounder but again so many negatives reviews their making billions but yet dont understand qaulity control tough call

5 years ago
Reply to  steven

We have 2002 Newmar Dutchstar. We love it. 180,000 miles.Had a few issues over 15 yrs. No show stoppers. Love it so much we put new engine in in 2016, then took it to the factory for an upgrade this past March. 2 months later, almost new coach. Fraction of the cost of new. Didn’t want new, the money, nervous about quality, too many things we didn’t care about. If you can, visit Newmar factory & take a tour. I’m sure they have issues, but you don’t see many recalls or read many complaints about them. Good luck.

Karen moore
5 years ago

Just got our Montana last November. The steps up to the bedroom are falling apart,the frame around the pantry is cracked ,the fantastic fan in the bathroom doesn’t work, the ceiling fan in the living room doesn’t work,the sound bar in the living room fell out of the wall and there’s still a leak in the basement and almost all the doors and drawers came open as we were traveling and I had to check behind slides before opening

5 years ago

I had a 1995 Prowler 5th wheel bought in 2002. The only problem was when they installed the front rain gutter, they installed it under the rear one. This was where the front came down vertically and the rear started horizontally This left a hole and the water just ran down between the wall. It was not discovered until the interior paneling started to come apart and wrinkle. When I went to repair the paneling all the internal studding for a ten foot stretch was rotted and had to be replaced. This all happened in 2008 and in 2011 I lost the camper to a flood.
For having the unit nine years, being sixteen years old and this being my only real concern other than converter being bad when I bought it, I have no complaints.

5 years ago

I gave Jayco an excellent for my 2014 Pinnacle. In 2014 this was the top on the line for Jayco. We live full time and travel about 10,000 miles a year. It is holding up very well. Floor and all cabinets are solid. We did have trouble with the microwave. It was replaced once and then repaired twice all for different problems. I can not fault Jayco for this. There was a problem of the front end cap losing all of it’s original color. Jayco paid to have it stripped and painted with new decals installed and this was slightly after the two year warranty ended. I have made some minor repairs and tightened a few screws over the miles. I replaced the tires in the first six months (after one exploded) with Sailun Commercial Trailer tires. They are worth the money, maybe 20,000 miles and look great. They have never run hot to the touch and I am loaded at close to 16,000 pounds. I see now some of the high end fifth wheels are using these as standard.
I believe Jayco builds a quality product on their high end trailers.

5 years ago
Reply to  Alan

Our 15 just opposite can’t keep it out of service no quality controll

5 years ago

We own a 2010 Tiffin Phaeton 36 QSH. Like many Tiffin owners we are very happy with the build quality and rate it excellent. We shopped for over a year to find our gently used unit with all the options we would likely have ordered in the build process. Our only regret is not being able to travel more!

Dave W
5 years ago

We orderd a 2000 Dutchstar and took delivery Labor Day weekend in 1999. This coach was very well built and we are still driving it and very happy we have had no serious problems

gary reed
5 years ago

We purchased new a 2014 266RKS Jayco Eagle travel trailer.
The quality is very good , good storage, rich interior , many options which I purchased and the I do minor repairs from time to time which would be expected when we travel 10,000 miles a year with this trailer.
The tires were replaced the first year at my choosing as I do not like the D load rating tires. I installed E load rating which has 10 ply ratings and 80 PSI verses 65 PSI. The increased tire pressure has less rolling resistance than the D rated 8 ply tire.. RV Dealers do not stress tire rating enough. I know it effects price, ,but so cost for so much more tire safety.

5 years ago

We have a 2011 Jayco Jay Feather Sport TT ( 2nd owner ) which has been very very good for us. No problems at all with a very good floor plan for its size. As we are considering a bigger TT we will not buy new for sure.

5 years ago

Purchased a 2009 Peterson Excel 5th wheel 18 months ago and have been very pleased with the quality. Sadly Peterson is no longer making trailers. We looked at new trailers in the same price range as the used and quickly decided high quality old would be better than low quality new.

Bruce & Peg Heseltine
5 years ago

We exchanged a 2002 Windsor for a 2009 Phaeton but not because of workmanship. The Windsor was excellent, just not big enough with only two slides. The Phaeton is also excellent in workmanship. We looked long and hard and read multitudes of reviews before settling. We are hopeful this will be our last and best.

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