If you text and drive, watch this. Please!


If you sometimes use your phone to send or respond to text messages, then please, please, please watch this short video. Watch it all the way through.

In doing so, you may save your life or someone in your family — or a perfect stranger.

Forget about using a little extra bandwidth, this is worth it. Please watch!

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john a arata


Katalin Heymann

They listened but they won’t change. Putting a face and a situation to what they do won’t change them. Only when it becomes personal will they likely change. Unfortunately, these young adults probably grew up spoiled and privileged. They probably never took responsibility for anything bad they were involved in like so many of today’s young people. Parents now give things to their children at younger ages. Ages too young to understand the responsibilities of having an expensive phone, computer, tablet or car. The brains of most children and young adults don’t see their own or other’s mortality. They believe nothing “like that” will happen to them or it would never be their fault.

Marilyn A Schmalz

Wonderful video! Kids seem to be so out of touch with real life and the consequences of their behaver. But it is part of growing up I guess.


Chuck, Do you know how to get this into a PSA on the national TV channels, are they still required to broadcast PSA’s, very powerful.Charlie Davis

Bob Godfrey

Thanks for this video Chuck. I think it should be played in every school across the country.


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Great Video! Unfortunately, the pledges these young people are making will not last. They will continue using their phones and continue distracted driving.

As a former Truck Driver, I saw this behavior too much. And it is not just young people doing this! Middle Age and even Elderly are driving distracted.

My IDEA, which will never happen, is for the AUTO industry to incorporate an electronic device in all new cars that automatically disables Cell Phones when the ignition key is turned on. In effect, an electronic filed created in the car that will block CELL PHONE signals, until you turn the ignition off.

An attitude change has to occur first to solve this problem!