Friday, December 2, 2022


The incredible shrinking RV campgrounds…


By Chuck Woodbury
At a time when RV sales are soaring to record highs, and finding an available campsite requires a reservation months in advance, see what this KOA campground in Bradenton, Florida is doing to accommodate all those new RVers – and all those who have been RVing for years. Well, not much.

The campground has erected cabins plus covered wagons and even a grain silo as overnight accommodations. If this campground is like so many others, some of the area in the park where those structures are located were once campsites available to RVers.

The KOA campground owners, of course, have every right to design their campground in any way they wish. It definitely expands their universe of customers by offering non-RV sites. And the new lodgings must be profitable because so many KOAs and other RV parks are adding them to what they offer.

But it’s really not good news to RVers, who are finding it increasingly difficult to find places to stay, so they can “go where they want, when they want” without plotting their travels months in advance with day-by-day reservations.

What do you think?

Watch this TV news segment about the Bradenton KOA.

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1 year ago

Where in blazes is the ventilation in those so-called “replicas?” The video shows only a tiny window at the end of the “sheepherder wagon” (so the door must be left open?) and the so-called “Conestoga” hardly has more openings for fresh air. Or is Florida somehow exempt from cooling breezes? These things are about as appealing as camping in an over-sized wine barrel with a chain saw cutout at the end. As for that so-called “silo,” good grief. Ever been in an actual galvanized steel grain bin in the summer? And they call $135 and $160+ reasonable nightly rates? Maybe if they pay the camper to stay in those things… !

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