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The benefits of RV roof vent covers and why you should have at least two in your RV

Did you know that RV roof vent covers help protect the vent lid, the vent lid seal and the roof vent sealants? It also reduces the inside temperature during the summer season.

What are the benefits to RV roof vent covers?

With a vent lid cover installed, you can open the vent rain or shine. It also allows you to transport your unit with vents open, allowing fresh air to cool and air out your unit during travel. During the winter it will help protect the RV’s interior from rain, and it also allows you to let any musty air or smoke from cooking odors to escape year-round.

These RV roof vent lid covers mount to most any 14-inch x 14-inch standard roof vents, and they come with all the installation hardware. It’s recommended to install at least two covers to allow airflow to pass through the unit when in travel. These covers are available in white or black.

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Dustin Simpson
Dustin Simpsonhttps://calrvspecialists.com/
With over 25 years in the RV Industry, Mr. Dustin Simpson has worn many hats. From an RV Technician, Warranty & Parts Administrator, Parts & Service Manager and Business Owner. Outside of these typical roles and responsibilities within the industry, Dustin enjoys being a Content Creator, Brand Ambassador, Author, and Expert Witness. He has served as an expert witness in multiple cases in California, Washington, Idaho, and Texas. His repair facility has been servicing customers at the same location since 2003. What sets us apart from the dealerships is we are here to fix and maintain what you have, and not sell you a new one. Whether you own a million-dollar unit or an entry level, my message to you will be the same, it needs to be maintained.



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James (@guest_214242)
11 months ago

Not every RV has room for 2 covers

Vanessa Simmons (@guest_214021)
11 months ago

I put these on my RV after leaving the vents open during a heavy rain and finding not only water on the bathroom floor but a wet bed. I never close my vents but I do put the cushions in there when it is really hot, really cold or I really want to sleep late.

essbee (@guest_214008)
11 months ago

I have always had vent covers (5th wheel). My vents stay open all the time. I never think about them or worry about rain getting in, and there is always good ventilation.

Spike (@guest_213974)
11 months ago

Vent covers are the first thing I install. My Dad had hail go right through the vent lids, which tend to be thinner and more brittle. Covers help prevent that.

A word on color choice…dark colors absorb a LOT of heat. If you mostly camp in warm to hot temps always choose white for ANY roof accessory including AC covers or power antenna, etc. Heat is a killer to electronics. Dark roof vent lids and covers will put that heat right into your unit.

I have done heat gun tests and dark colors in direct sunlight on a 90 degree day reached nearly 190 degrees F! Light colors were still very warm but 50 to 60 degrees cooler.

Keep this in mind if deciding on paint color options for your rig as well.

Jim Johnson (@guest_213958)
11 months ago

Installing vent – I prefer the term ‘hood’ – is my first upgrade to any RV lacking them. One more great use is to keep them cracked when the RV is in storage. It helps control moisture inside.

Putting hoods over the vents prevents water from entering (even in a tropical storm in my experience), but has no effect on preventing dust entry. I learned the hard way to close the vents when driving on gravel or dirt roads.

Brad Teubner (@guest_213947)
11 months ago

Vents open while travelling cause a negative pressure in the RV, which can draw in exhaust fumes.

Tom (@guest_213926)
11 months ago

Vent covers allow you to ventilate the coach interior while parked or underway. Really helps down here in the Deep South, where the temperature will be in the high 70’s today.

Bob p (@guest_213946)
11 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Or the 80’s here in FL.

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