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Instant Pots aren’t your mother’s pressure cooker

By Silvana Clark
We’re all creatures of habit when it comes to cooking in our RV. With limited counter and storage space, it’s easy to stick with our favorite easy-to-prepare recipes. We barbecue, cook one-pot meals, and sometimes use the slow cooker. So why would you need an Instant Pot while RVing? Who wants a bulky, dangerous-looking appliance that could explode and blow the roof off your RV?

Relax. Today’s Instant Pot cookers are safe, efficient, and suited for RV cooking. I was terrified the first time I used mine, thinking, of course, the pot would explode and blow off the roof. Now I understand the advantages of cooking with an Instant Pot.

Feel like lentil or split pea soup on a cool, rainy day? In less than an hour you can have a delicious soup where the beans don’t even need soaking. The ever-popular recipe for Mississippi Pot Roast gives me a fork-tender roast in 80 minutes and provides leftovers for pulled beef sandwiches. In an effort to eat healthy, we’ve been eating steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast. Instead of having to watch the pot and stir frequently, I plop the oats and water in the Instant Pot and soon have perfectly cooked oatmeal.

Instant Pots come in various sizes. My six-quart pot is ideal when cooking for my husband and me. Many RVers prefer the smaller 3-quart size for the RV since it takes less counter and storage space. Some RVers claim they’ve replaced a few casserole dishes and pots with their Instant Pot. While traditional slow cookers are handy when you are at a campground all day, the Instant Pot is ideal to use when you get to a campground late. All you need is 110-volt power. Add some rice and chicken to the pot when you arrive and the meal is ready by the time you’ve finished getting settled. Plus, there’s no need to stir or watch the pot!

Still not convinced to try it? Check out the Instant Pot Community group on Facebook. You’ll read comments on everything from how to make Taco Soup, to the ease of cooking one-pot spaghetti. You’ll get excited learning how to make perfect, easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs using the “5-5-5” method. And if you really need motivation to try one, simply Google “Instant Pot Cheesecake #17.” This is the premier recipe to make a cheesecake … Yes, a cheesecake in your Instant Pot! We can never have too many desserts!

Have we sold ya? Find an assortment of Instant Pots here. Once you’ve tried it out, come back here and leave a comment telling us how you like it!



  1. We have used a pair of InstaPots and the AirFryer add-on lid for the last few years. We just used them to cook our turkey, yams and carrots for Thanksgiving dinner (in our Class A at the WA State coast) last week. I make a huge pot of IP chili, bulgogi beef, Chicken Burrito mix and several other recipes every few months. And, you don’t know how easy life is until you make IP Spaghetti/Rotini! Definitely recommend them to everyone! I would recommend getting a separate air fryer, though. It’s nice to have some flexibility when you are trying to A/F both your beer battered cod and curly fries.

  2. We travel with an instant pot, air fryer and electric skillet. I hardly ever use my pans anymore. We have a Forest River Forester 3051 with a great 3 burner stove top and oven but again hardly ever use them. We have a microwave and that is used about 50% of the time. We also have an Asmoke electric smoker that also grills. It is small and fits perfect under our unit.

  3. I love my Ninja foodie 7 in 1, 8qt, I make just about everything in it. Before I had never used a pressure cooker but now so much of my food I use it a lot. I actually make the complete thanksgiving meal using it only.

  4. I love the InstantPot! I have a 3 qt one, perfect for me and the DW. (I have a 6 qt pressure cooker at home too). My go-tos are cheesecake (I use the small juice glasses from Ikea..perfect for ‘just enough’) Cauliflower soup, Wild rice soup, ham and beans, the list goes on. I like having the ease of cooking,(set and forget) and barely any clean-up. AND if you’re in a campground, you’re saving your propane.

  5. Interesting that the article discusses Instant Pot which is a brand name, but photo is of a competitor. I have owned Instant Pots (3 qt, 6 qt and 8 qt) for years plus I have a Ninja Foodi which is a dual pressure pot and air fryer.

  6. We bought an instantpot about 3 years ago, my wife instantly associated it to her late mother’s pressure cooker so I had the duties of operating it. She would prepare the ingredients and then call me to operate it. Finally this summer she got the nerve to try it on her own, I was so proud of her, she still relieves the pressure relief valve with a long set of tongs but at least she’s overcoming her fear. I guess she figured I didn’t blow us up in the last 3 years so it must be halfway safe since if something can go wrong it usually does with me.

  7. I got all excited when you said “3 ___ size” because I’ve never seen someone else advocate for the 4 gallon (3.5 usable without boilover) size cookers. I parsed wrong. Anyhoo… I have 6qt and that 4 gallon size myself, and LOVE them, especially in the RV where the duration of power is limited (run generator less) and steaming up the kitchen is even less acceptable. At risk of stepping on toes, here’s my own article on the the other advantages…

  8. We have two instant pots in our home and always travel with one of them. Once you get used to using one you will find more and more recipes for it. It is convenient, fast and easy clean up and does not heat up our RV. When we camp in areas with no utilities we miss using it but we still have our stove and fire pit.

  9. I am an avid fan of my Instant Pot both on the road and at home! Last year we traveled for 10 weeks. My husband is not a fan of eating out (even before the pandemic) so I cook most every night. All but one of those meals were cooked in the IP. I love the ease of dump, lock and relax but even more I love that, unlike the stove or oven, it adds NO HEAT to the RV. A big bonus in summer when we are struggling to stay cool.


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