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New insurance product may be a game changer for RVers


There is a brand-new way to insure your RV, and it’s coming from a very unusual source.

Outdoorsy, one of the world’s premier platforms for peer-to-peer RV rentals, has created a standalone insurance plan for RVs called Roamly that is set to compete with the big boys at GEICO and Progressive.

“We weren’t really looking at getting into the insurance business,” said Outdoorsy CEO Jeff Cavins. “But we think we’ve created an insurance product that will be a ‘kill shot’ to companies like GEICO.”

The best feature may be that Roamly is available to regular RVers, not just those in the peer-to-peer rental marketplace.

Roamly insurance is specifically for RVs

Cavins said as Outdoorsy gathered data from millions of RV rentals in recent years, it became apparent that the traditional insurance industry had “missed the boat” regarding regular RV insurance.

“The insurance industry has always lumped all recreational vehicles together in one risk category,” he said. “That means RVs were in the same category as ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and ski boats where a lot of personal injury and liability claims come in.”

The insurance industry also routinely included a commercial exclusion clause in insurance contracts that barred renting the units. “It was called the ‘thou shall not rent’ clause,” Cavins said. “The policy wouldn’t cover you if you rented a recreational vehicle of any kind because of the inherent danger to all of those other types of vehicles.”

Cavins said Outdoorsy was able to show insurance companies data that proved there were almost no liability claims when it came to RVs. “The insurance industry was worried about the big accidents that might involve an RV and may hurt a lot of people. But in reality, those almost never happen.”

Cavins said he was able to show insurance industry officials that most people actually drive RVs very little, especially when they rent the unit. “They head to campgrounds right away and treat the rig more like a hotel room,” he said.

“We basically told the insurance industry that they have been making a clerical error regarding RV insurance for the past 30 years, and they agreed with us after looking at our data,” he said.

Big savings on premiums

Cavins said the typical RVer can expect to save about 20% on the cost of premiums through the Roamly product, compared to the cost of GEICO and Progressive policies.

Also, you don’t have to place your RV on the Outdoorsy rental platform in order to purchase Roamly insurance. But you can save even more on premiums if you do, he said. And if you decide you don’t want to rent your rig through Outdoorsy, you can still have Roamly insurance.

“But if you buy an RV and become an Outdoorsy user the more you rent your RV, the lower your premium,” Cavins said. “That’s because when you rent your rig when you aren’t using it, the risk gets transferred to Outdoorsy’s insurance. Any claims that happen during a rental will be paid by Outdoorsy, not your Roamly policy.”

“Launching Roamly was a huge project and it took five years, but we got it done,” Cavins said. “We know it’s going to be popular. We generated about $3.2 million in premiums when it was in the Beta stage in 2020 alone.”

RVers can get their own quote on Roamly insurance in about 60 seconds through the Roamly website.


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1 year ago

Safeco insured my 1993 coachmen for 239/yr I think it was. not more than 256. I’ll stick with them.

1 year ago

Run of the mill insurance/used car salesman hustle. “Quote in 60 seconds” my patootey! After 60 seconds schedule a time with an agent. Stay away, nothing new here.

1 year ago

I had Roamly give me a quote & they were only a couple of dollars less than my Progressive Ins. policy & they don’t insure the tow vehicle, so I would have to have insurance thru 2 separate companies. No thanks. Based on the other comments here, I think this article is false advertising. I can’t help wondering if the author, Mike Gast, got conned into writing this article, or is getting some kind of kickback or fee for writing this article. He was clearly saying that this Insurance agency was a “game changer” & that there would be “big savings on premiums”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Fred
1 year ago

No savings for me. Don’t know if they have a fulltimers rider. That would be important in a fulltimers newsletter.

Cam Daddy
1 year ago

They quoted me $700 a year higher than I pay now with National General

Don Woods
1 year ago

After reading the article, I signed up for a quote from Roamly, as my Progressive policy for my 5th wheel has increased each year. Roamly quoted twice my current price. So much for that option!

Richard Carlson
1 year ago

Wow — they “convinced” insurance companies how often RV’s have claims. Any insurance company has access to data on every single claim in the US. Smells like a scam.

1 year ago

Well I did the deed. Filled out the form. My phone call will take place some time week after next. I know. Weird. And yes, the site undervalued my 5th wheel. So. I don’t expect much but I will speak with the agent if one ever calls.
And I do appreciate the offering of another option for insurance.

1 year ago

Tried to get a quote. Total click bait.

You have to make appointment 5o talk to salesman and you have to do a full insurance application to get a quote including all your personal data, vin number, d/l, soc, health insurance plan group codes etc.

Total BS.

Refused to give me a quote unless I did it.

I am quite sure this would have also resulted in a credit inquiry.

No thanks. I am pretty happy with my Progressive RV policy. $1200 yr on $75k value RV. He hung up on me…

I saw someone say $7500! Glad I didn’t waste my time.

John Olson
1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

No… worked just as was supposed to… I gave some real basic information about my RV and where I live and then received my quote about 30% less than what I currently pay and THEN made an appointment to talk to a insurance rep. Only took a few minutes….

1 year ago

Unable to get quote, program entry just stops

Roger V
1 year ago

It’s not clear in the article…Is this a sponsored advertisement for Roamly? Or is there an arrangement of any type with Roamly to run this promotional piece?

Mike Gast
1 year ago
Reply to  Roger V

Roger, this is a news article for our readers, not a sponsored advertisement. There is no “arrangement” of any kind with Outdoorsy or Roamly. It is simply a story stating that a new insurance product exists, along with the claims made by Roamly regarding pricing and quality. It’s up to RVers to do their homework to see if Roamly would be a benefit to their personal situations.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Gast
Roger V
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike Gast

Thank-you. Hope you can understand my confusion as the “claims made by Roamly” are so well integrated into every single paragraph of the news article.

Mike Gast
1 year ago
Reply to  Roger V

Roger, at this point all we have to go on are the company’s claims for costs and service. After a while, once we can see what reality is, we’ll do an update. We just wanted readers to know there is another insurance product to consider. No endorsement on our part.

1 year ago

Like many others when I heard of them a couple weeks ago I ‘applied’ for their free quote. Said they needed more info, to contact an agent. Since I did not include my phone number they hit me with emails. It took 3 email replies telling them I just wanted a quote because my current insurance does not expire until November before they finally got the message and stopped the emails. Otherwise they refused a free quote. But from some have said, probably because I am fulltime and my brand is not listed they won’t insure me.

1 year ago

What they were doing was taking huge profits and low payouts. Don’t tell me they didn’t know what they were paying out.

1 year ago

I just checked. A Roamly policy would $500.00 less per year- and that’s with a $500.00 deductable. But, they list my rig’s acv at only 37.5k.

Ronald Hiemann
1 year ago

I went through the required steps of obtaining a quote. They quoted an annual premium of about $7,500 which is about $3,000 higher than what I pay now. My RV was not a listed option so I had to go with „other“. I have contacted them and it will be interesting to see their response.

1 year ago

I just tried to get a quote, Make= Tiffin is not even an option.

Patrick Stiltner
1 year ago

It seems that they are tailoring policies for owners who rent their rigs…..which is not for me. No “contact us” tab to ask the question will rates be lower for those who don’t rent. It saves me about $100. per year as is.

Tom Moeller
1 year ago

I got a quote back from them higher than I currently pay with Geico.Nobody can compare with Geico in my area in Florida in fact my rate has not changed in two years even with a windshield replacement.

Dave Pellegrino
1 year ago

I’m fulltime, how do I answer whether I own or rent my home? It appears that this insurance is not designed for full timers. Then schedule an agent to finalize? Without showing me the numbers? No thanks?

1 year ago

Let’s fact check. Within the last hour, Kevin, Dan and robert, gave a thumbs down on your promotion. I concur with Dan, having an insurance plan just to have insurance doesn’t always translate to peace of mine when the time comes.