Is this the most beat up, junky motorhome in America?


    Is this the most beat up, junky motorhome in America, maybe even in the world?! If not, it’s got to be close. You might wonder if this was the last RV standing at the local RV destruction derby.

    We found this photo on Facebook. We don’t know who took it, but we believe that the RV is still on the road, last seen in Helena, Montana. In the picture, it appears the owner stopped by Steve’s Cafe. We bet the owners of the cafe loved it when this beauty pulled in.

    If you know anything about this RV, let us know. If you took the picture, email us and we’ll send you a $20 Amazon Gift card as a thank you for letting us show it to the world.



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    Billy Bob Thorton

    Well, look at it this way, that guy is prepared, must have been a boy scout. Notice the bikes on the back, he obviously is ready to ride for needed parts, if the occasion arises.

    That unit just needs some tender loving care, it would be a gem in no time.


    This now explains how the gross weight ratio figures into the dry weight ratio. Now that I understand it I still don’t get how this thing is not impounded. Is that street legal? We are planning to up grade our RV to a foot bigger with bunks. Their figures make us scratch our heads by how they figured the dry weight and the gwvr. After this pic? Thank you.

    Debbie Wilson

    I have one to show you but can’t figure out how to get a picture to you. Spotted at a WalMart in Texas November 2017.

    Ken Edick

    How blatantly obvious does any vehicle have to be to law enforcement or transportation officials, that it should be run through the system completely for safety and environmental concerns? It’s bad enough these are a risk to the owner, but allowing it to run on the road makes it a real risk to me and my family,


    Question ?? Just thinking .. Washington & Oregon who have some nasty winters and are “BLUE states” ..Just saying..

    Henry S Bunting

    Looking at this RV make one want to own it. This one is ready for RV heaven or better yet the junk yard.

    Captn John

    Someone followed it for a few blocks and took a video. It was online about a year ago. Only things with the updated pics is the door is hanging worse and more junk on the roof.

    Rebecca Kunkel

    Make that July 27, 2018.

    Rebecca Kunkel

    We also saw this motor at Wal Mart in Helena Mt. on July 17, 2018 around noon. It was gone later in the day when we were at Wal Mart.

    Gene Bjerke

    As an old film editor, I love your juxtaposition of this extremely junky rig with Will Smith’s super-mansion on wheels.

    Sandy Frankus

    Portland Oregon has hundreds of them


    Previously living in Arizona, you saw all kinds of Broken down contraptions on the road, from Hillbillies style houses on wheels to the and worse shown in this picture.

    How anything like that could even be legal on a road or Hiway is amazing.

    Brent McDonald

    Lots of them just like it and worse in Seattle.