Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Is your fire extinguisher past its “pull date”?

By Bob Difley

One of the most overlooked items you can find in a rig is the fire extinguisher. Most of us will never need one in a lifetime of RVing, but if you were to have a fire would yours work?

Unless you’re really organized, you probably don’t have a clue when your extinguisher needs to be replaced or recharged. If you inadvertently skip right by the date, if and when you need to put out a galley fire and it doesn’t work you could lose your whole rig — or worse.

Check the date now on the extinguisher itself. Replace or recharge if necessary. If not due yet, enter the upcoming date with audible and visual alerts on your phone or tablet’s calendar, write it in large red letters on your wall calendar, and appoint your spouse as equally responsible for remembering the date. To do otherwise could be foolhardy — and even deadly.

photo: Dmsar on wikimedia.org

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