Is your four-footed child misbehaving behind your back?


    By Bob Difley

    We’ve all suffered under the slings and arrows of somebody else’s dog’s obnoxious barking. It leads to the old mystery, does a tree falling down in a forest make a noise if no one hears it? Does Fido, who you left behind in the campground while you toured, bark if you aren’t around to hear him?

    Is your four-footed child misbehaving behind your back?

    You may not know that poor Fido is bored and lonely and will respond the only way he knows how, by whining and barking — much to the annoyance of your campground neighbors. And don’t fool yourself that your precious Fido wouldn’t do that. Check it out — set your digital recorder up and leave it at the rig when you make a trip without Bowser — just make sure you’re parked at home, not in a campground.

    Here’s my advice: Either take man’s best friend with you or arrange for someone to dog sit. And never leave him tied up outside where he can become tangled in a leash, bite a passerby, escape, or — horrors — become food for a coyote.

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