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Is your RV 10 years old or older? Any problems being denied a site?


There’s an unwritten law about RVing that states if your RV is older than a decade you will not be allowed to stay at certain RV parks, resorts or campgrounds. While this “Ten Year Rule” is strictly applied at only some destinations it, nevertheless, exists.

Not only does it exist, but to the chagrin of many, it’s totally and completely legal.

The other sad truth is that it’s only a strictly observed rule at a small number of resorts, but a “soft rule” at many others. While not on paper, the campgrounds enforce it in their own way. Some will request a photo of your RV before saying yes or no.

How? How could a rule like this exist and, let alone, be legal?

It’s the same reason stores and restaurants can put signs in their windows that say, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.” Privately owned businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone who does not adhere to their community guidelines. Read more. But first, would you take a minute to answer the survey below? But only if your RV is 10 years old or older. And please leave a comment.


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1 year ago

I have called for reservations and been asked what year is my 5th wheel and had to send photo. Never been turned down but if I was I would not want to stay there!

Pablo Flaifel
1 year ago

We have a 2002 Class A Fleetwood Bounder with 56K miles. Looks very good. We have stayed in many private parks and have never encounter any questions or issues, on the contrary, we get many complements. I would guess parks want to maintain some level of standard to achieve best possible rates. If we ever encounter any rejection from a park due to our RV age, we would gladly leave, we wouldn’t want to be were we are not welcome.

Bob Gray
1 year ago
Reply to  Pablo Flaifel

We also have a 2002 Fleetwood Bounder that we recently purchased used with less than 6000 miles on it. We have been updating and improving things this fall due to the virus, but hopefully next year we can travel some to enjoy it.

1 year ago

We have a 2003 Dutchman Express class C on a 2002 chassis. We have been asked on the phone a couple of times about its age but have been told OK after sending pics. I do wash and wax it. It doesn’t look it’s age.

1 year ago

Answer: Yes and No. Seems there is one response missing as there are two questions being asked. Is it 10 yrs old? And Have you been turned away.? So Yes, and No

Have a 2004 Fleetwood and have never been turned away.

Thanks for asking 😷

Jim G.
1 year ago

No, but I don’t stay at private campgrounds. My molded fiberglass travel trailer is 35 years old, but doesn’t show it’s age.

Mel Kirkland
1 year ago

We’ve had several discussions when making reservations, but never actually turned away. Our MH is a 2003 Alfa, in good shape and looks good. That said, we have been made aware of several places that have age restrictions, and we don’t even try to go to them.

1 year ago

We were turned away at a park in Arizona, This was 15 years ago, + /-. We learned how to put a “spin” on our RVs age and haven’t had any problems since.

Jesse W Crouse
1 year ago

Paid $80,000.00 for our 2006 rig in 2017. If I had $385,000.00 I could duplicate it. But the new versions don’t suit our needs or the size of my bank account. Think we will keep the old girl and not stay in snob park!

Matt Johnson
1 year ago

We had a 1950s polished aluminum boat tail, I think it was 25ft long, several years ago. We were turned down from three parks, one in Washington State, one in Oregon and one in Maine. This was a 100% frame off restoration inside and out with a mirror polish. One park, Washington State, said because of its age the other two because they said the mirror polished outside was to annoying. We sold it about 10 years ago for slightly over $150, was beautiful. It was better looking then anything we could see from the front gates.

Rory R
1 year ago
Reply to  Matt Johnson

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some have no appreciation for real beauty…

Jim Autry
1 year ago

When we are on the road, in our 2006 Simba, we stop overnight at Elks Lodges, Crackerbarrel – after eating dinner – and Military Famcamps. Staying away from those NOISY truck Stops. We always have reservations at our destination and have never been turned away. It’s an older motor home, but an attractive one. Keeping it in good condition helps.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

My RV is a 2010 model, but it is a Class B on the Sprinter chassis, which has been a standard design for many years. You can’t tell by looking what year it is. So I suppose I could tell someone that it is whatever year I want to.

1 year ago

Was at a casino in Hinckley, MN. Some RVs are unbelievable. Have seen a TT that someone covered the roof with a tar coating and it ran down the sides and front; huge amount duck tape falling off corners where the owner hit something;, window A/Cs hanging out of a window that was filled in with plywood, and the best was a TT all covered with graffiti. These are cases where such eyesores don’t belong in a campground. Have seen lots of older RV that were well taken care of that age should not matter.

1 year ago

Interesting that they would turn away a 2009 Prevost motor home that would more than likely have a current value well into the 6 figures!

Thomas D
1 year ago

Never been turned away but a place in Louisiana asked and i told them 12 years old and they sent someone out to look at it. She came back with an OK and we registered. It looked brand new. Not so much a few days later when tires blew and destroyed the skirting on both sides.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

We mainly stay at State Parks, Military FamCamps and NASCAR tracks in our now 13 year old Forest River Georgetown. Never had an issue, though our rig needs a good scrub down and waxing. Now that she’s paid off, I can start doing upgrades (SurgeGuard and 3Kw Inverter install will happen this spring).

Robyn Gleim
1 year ago

We have a 2004 Winnebago in excellent condition & have had the interior completely updated. People are always surprised when they find our how old it is. We had not been turned away until making reservations this year for an extended trip.

KOA has a corporate guideline to accept no RV over 10 years old! I couldn’t even send a picture or anything – I was told “no exceptions at corporate-owned KOAs!” Apparently franchised KOAs can ignore this rule, but they are advised to follow it.
Also discovered that there are hardly any RV parks in Las Vegas that will take an RV over ten years old (the few that will are not ones where we choose to stay). We’re not going to Las Vegas.

Janet Herrell
1 year ago

I have a 1997 Coachman Santara well taken care of and have never had a problem.

Glenda Alexander
1 year ago

My 5-star-rated Lazy Daze is almost 20 years old and still in very good condition. I keep it looking good on the outside, too. Yet, it was rejected by many RV parks solely because of its age and one even added that it also is shorter than their 30-foot minimum length!

1 year ago

Don’t like the rules go somewhere else or build your own RV park and have your own set of rules, guess what , I lived in a neighborhood that didn’t allow you to park your RV in the street against the curb all year long, 2 nights max…WWHHAATTT, yes this is true, they also didn’t allow you to throw your spent refrigerators and other appliances in the front yard….WWOOWWW I now feel violated.

1 year ago
Reply to  dcook

Yep, that what I do, sounds like what most do. Go somewhere else.

1 year ago

When I’m asked what’s the age of our 2004 trailer is I lie and tell them 5 years old. You think any of those people working in larger RV parks would know the year, model of 100’s of rigs out there? It’s worked 100 percent of the time but we keep our rig in like new condition to make our lie plausible.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Crowman

That sounds more like a prevarication than a lie, Crowman. 😉 —Diane at