Friday, October 22, 2021


Joe Stinks changes his name


I came across this story years ago. It’s about a man named Joe Stinks.

joe-763The story is thought to have originated in the book “The Heart of Crow Country” by Joseph Medicine Crow, a tribal historian. In the chapter about Crow humor he tells about a modern day tribe member named Joe Stinks. It seems Joe Stinks was a good enough rodeo rider but his name wasn’t doing much for his career. He was an easy victim for wise-cracking rodeo announcers and hecklers from the crowd.

One day, Joe Stinks’ buddies took up a collection so he could go to the courthouse and pay to have his name changed.

When he returned, his friends were eager to learn his new name, but appalled when they found out. Joe Stinks had changed his name to Joe Stinks No More.



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Gary Wagner
5 years ago

The way I heard it, Joe Stinks changed his name to “Charlie”!
G. Wagner