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Keep your sheets tight with suspenders


You know how hard it is to find fitted bed sheets that will exactly fit your particular RV bed, whether you have just a simple mattress, a box spring and mattress, or you’ve topped your bed with a memory foam pad and a topper as well – whatever combination offers you and your spouse the best night’s sleep. 

But the corners of your fitted sheets are a one-size-fits-all type and don’t do the job of keeping them tight. With bed sheet suspenders you can pull the wrinkles out and keep the corners tightly in place – and much more comfortable.

Adjustable elastic:
• Want more tension? Press button-pull cord. Stretch the fitted sheet fasteners from 3.2″ to approx 7″ for each way (3 ways)
• Want less tension? Press button- release cord. Stretch the sheet saver from 4.5″ to approx 10″ for each way (3 ways)

The Luxsego special design is anti-slip and wrinkle-free for all sheets and covers, such as:
• Memory Foam and pillowtop beds
• Outdoor covers (tablecloths, grill, etc.)
• Seat cover (Cars, boats, motorcycle, etc.)
• Furniture cover (Couch, chairs, etc.)

Elastic + Nickel Plated Clamps + Plastic
• SHEET SAVERS – These sheet keeper straps are easy to put on and will keep fitted sheets from sliding off from corners all night and keep your bed looking great at all times. Never worry about messy or wrinkled sheets again.
• NEWEST TRIANGLE DESIGN – The innovative T shaped bed sheet gripper is versatile and works great with various bed sheets, mattress pads, blankets, even ironing board covers and more.
• DURABILE and ADJUSTABLE – These corner sheet holders with wider elastic allows desired tension. Adjustable sheet strap clips enable easier and quicker adjustment on strap length to fit all edges of the sheet for heavy duty purpose.
• SPECIAL CLIP DESIGN – The suspenders clip with two stages, sturdy chrome metal clips and built-in plastic clenching system which will grip your bed sheets firmly and protect the fabric from harm.

You will find the Luxsego bed sheet suspenders on Amazon

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