You can kiss the Kissmobiles goodbye


It’s a sad day for the many RVers who have enjoyed a good laugh through the years thanks to the Hershey Company’s fleet of Kissmobiles. Visitors to the annual Hershey, Pennsylvania RV Show — the largest such show in America — have likely spotted this unusual vehicle.

The vehicles have traveled the country since 1997, but 2019 marked the end of the road. The company reports the 26-foot vehicles are being retired because of safety concerns and difficulty finding replacement parts.

One of the vehicles will remain for public viewing at the AACA (automotive) Museum in Hershey.


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Oskar Mayer had the weinermobile,retired them and must be reinstating them because I saw an add just last week on TV wanting applications for drivers.Must be a senior in college


Perhaps the insurance coverage became so expensive that the corporate VP in charge of PR & Events could no longer justify the expense. We’ve lost more than we’ll ever know in this country due to insanely costly legal judgments and expensive or unavailable insurance coverage. Many, many volunteer activities and events common in my youth have disappeared because of liability issues that didn’t exist back then.

Speaking of disappearing RV sites, that’s one cost factor that’s commonly overlooked. Ask an RV park host or operator about their annual insurance rates, and how much they’ve risen in recent years. Be ready for a shock.


This would be a GREAT Collectors item for someone!