Friday, December 2, 2022


“You can’t fix stupid with duct tape.” Funny sign will make you laugh


By Kate Doherty
While traveling last fall on our way south to Pueblo, Colorado, to have our overheating rear radiator problem fixed, we pulled into a truck stop to refuel. Little did we know that there would soon be a truck with a funny sign on its side pulling in, along with a truck driver with amusing anecdotes to tell.

Just when we started to clean our windshield, this truck pulled up next to us. When the driver got out to begin refueling and clean his windshield, we walked over and started a conversation. Laughingly, we pointed to the sign, “We Haul MILK on Weekends” posted on his septic truck. Yup, a septic truck. He was quite congenial and laughingly quipped back, “Oh, it’s Wednesday. Ah, it’s a good day to buy milk!”

We had a few more laughs about the funny sign and he further confided, saying, “You wouldn’t believe how many people have actually asked me how true my sign was.” We replied, “You’re kidding right?” He said, “Nope. And you can’t fix stupid – even with duct tape.”

Have you seen a funny sign or roadside attraction? Send us a photo here.

Thanks to Rye Septic Service, LLC, and its congenial driver, for giving us a chuckle.


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Gary W Mayberry
6 months ago

Read one the other day that said, from a septic truck: “Nobody sticks their nose in our business!”

James Gartner
6 months ago

How many names for “speed bumps” are there? I have seen: “speed hump” (N.M.), speed table (a wide speed bump in Boulder, CO), and “traffic calming device” (Westchester County park, Valhalla, NY)

6 months ago

There are a lot of funny signs in a thread on the Forest River forum.

Bob p
6 months ago

Best one I’ve seen was a picture of Nancy pelosi on the back of the truck with her mouth over the end of the suction hose like she was providing the suction. Actual picture.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

There used to be a plumbing outfit in the Bay Area called “Pump A {bleeped}”. I took one of their business cards just to have one. Wish I still had it.

Added just now. I did a search and found a listing for them in Fairfax, CA (Marin County). I guess they’re still there!

Larry Dill
1 year ago

The best septic truck sign I ever saw was this one; ‘ Our Royal Flush, beats your Full House’

1 year ago

Here in the Rogue Valley there used to be a big school bus yellow pumper named the stool bus.

1 year ago

Your poop is our bread and butter. On calendars and pens poop was substituted with sh**.

1 year ago

I used to work for my wife’s sister and brother in law pumping septic tanks for Wrights septic service in central Calif. and on the back of his truck it said”We’re #1 in the #2 business” and they had a big yellow striped bumble bee as their logo!

1 year ago

I saw one truck that had recycled food transport on it.

Uncle Swags
1 year ago

Saw this sign over the summer: “You can’t fix stupid but you can quarantine it”

Thomas D
1 year ago

My septic guys truck says USED FOOD HAULER😉

Bob P
1 year ago

Probably the same people who hate hunters but think nothing of picking up the steaks at the store, or milk, eggs, pork roasts, etc. all that comes from the store, not live animals. As Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid”

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