Learn everything about your RV, RVing woman advises


Editors note: This was posted in our Facebook group RV Horror Stories by group member Charmon Kelley Poche. We thought it was so good we’re posting it here for more RVers to see.

If you are an RV owner, especially a lady, you need to pony up and learn how to fix things. We all know RVs are cardboard stapled together with cheap parts, so knowing that, what’s next?

Go to book stores. YouTube videos are “pure gold” so use them. Ask the old timers in these groups. When the RV tech fixes that leak don’t just drive away and smile with a thank you. Say show me! Climb under, climb on top and ask how it happened, how did you repair it, where can you get the part or material.

Take notes! Learn. Inspect every inch of that rig before every trip! Yes, every trip! Carry some basic tools, ass loads of duct tape, cardboard to lay on under the belly, gloves and clothes made for work. Learn to inspect your tires, rims, and “understand” trailer weight, tire pressure, and your vehicle tow capacity.

Like I said, YouTube is your best friend; don’t just watch one on a particular subject, watch every one you can find until you have an understanding. When you find something you can’t fix, you need to ask what you CAN do to prevent it from getting worse until you can get it to a technician.

Water and the sun is the ultimate enemy. Be proactive: open cabinets, pull things out, look at corner walls and crevices for discoloration. Pull things from underbelly compartments and look close and listen for dripping water. Seek and you WILL find. It’s only a matter of time.

Everyone should have a log book of things that need to be addressed and dates when work was done. And if you really want to be proactive there are online courses for RV tech education. This costs time and money but an RV tech costs more.

If you have an RV tech come out, follow him/her around and learn. No one can fix everything but you can learn to get yourself out of a bad situation temporarily. Good Luck and God be with you.

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