Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Lemon law attorney issues warning to the RV industry

RV Lemon Law attorney Steve Lehto discusses the recent video in which the RV Industry Association named as one of its 2018 accomplishments fighting and helping eliminate RV lemon law legislation in Vermont and Oklahoma.

Lehto issues a warning to the RV industry to watch out, he’ll be looking out for more attempts to crush RV lemon laws, and he enlists the help of RVers to let him know if they hear of any new attempts.

Here’s the video he refers to: (Editor: Woops! It appears that video has been pulled. Two guesses by whom. It has been replaced by an edited version.)

Watch the video

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  1. Not many RVers can wait 2-3 months to have an RV repaired. Most dealerships give their direct customers priority over those from out of town. Some repairs cannot wait and some RVers are transient full timers.

  2. The RVIA is focused on the money they can make today but ignoring how shoddy manufacturing is going to adversely effect the industry in the near future. Very short sighted.

    They are already crying about how sales are starting to tank. And this downward trend will continue until the industry is destroyed, or at least severely damaged.

    If they want to thwart RV lemon laws they would be much smarter to improve the quality of their products and stop screwing over the consumer. People will get mad and they will turn to legislation because the American standard is if you don’t like something get a law passed to stop it. They will never be able to stop this process once it gets going.

    • “the American standard is if you don’t like something, get a law passed to stop it.” Sadly, this is true. I don’t know that passing a law will make it any better, but there HAS to be some recourse when you buy something brand new and it’s just one problem after another – obviously caused by shoddy workmanship. Shoddy workmanship is fairly easy to document.

      • Tommy: “Documenting shoddy workmanship” is not the problem; what is the problem is getting the dealer/manufacturer to do anything about it.


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