Thursday, March 30, 2023



Lemonis expounds on future of RV industry on CNBC

Marcus Lemonis

Most RVers know Marcus Lemonis as CEO of Camping World and host of the CNBC program “The Profit”. Lemonis appeared on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” recently to discuss his company and the future of the RV industry.

In the conversation, he discusses also why he feels the CW stock price is down, how he can communicate CW’s plans better, whether tariffs will affect RV prices, and other topics of interest.  Click on the video is below.



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Joel Hagler
4 years ago

Where else can you find a local store that has RV supplies and products??
The RV dealers are worse. Dealers’ service are horrible.

J.H. Huntington Beach, CA

4 years ago

Marcus Lemonis told me and my wife, on national TV, that he didn’t want me or my wife doing business with him. I’ll oblige him, no problem. We bought our new 2019 towable at a local dealership, and we’ll never set foot in Camping World, or join Good Sam, again.

Bob Lambert
4 years ago

Now I know, the saying that rich people are “luckier” than most, sure applies to this man. How do you display such arrogant greed and still sell products?

4 years ago

he said “you know me I’m not the person that is going to absorb the increases” No he will raise the price to keep his pockets lined.

4 years ago

He’s not taking responsibility for the problem because he IS the problem!

4 years ago

I agree with Jeff.

4 years ago

I won’t even watch the Video! Because I think Lemonis is all about one thing! GREED!

Bob p
4 years ago

Maybe he needs to go back the way CW was before he took over. They were a reputable business before he took control, since he took the reins I don’t even subscribe to their website. Last we bought a washer/dryer and had it installed, upon time to inspect the job before paying when we got in the motorhome the installation had removed the dividing shelf between the two units, an expensive dual mounting adapter had been installed that made the dryer so high my wife couldn’t see inside the unit, she’s 5’2”. When asked why they had installed it this way they tried to explain that was the way “most” people wanted it, after explaining we weren’t “most” people and please put it in like the Newmar intended it to be. They grumbled under their breath but 45 minutes later it was installed correctly and we saved $179 and my wife can see how to get the laundry out. Before we bought our motorhome we shopped at CW and after an hour of listening to their salesman tell a bunch of untruths we left. I guess he thought we didn’t know anything about RVs with the stories he fabricated. From some of the stories I’ve heard about people buying from CW and then not standing behind their product I’ll never shop with them as long as Lemonis is in charge.

4 years ago

This guy is out of touch with reality and is only interested in how much he can sucker people into buying from him. The name of the game to him is greed.

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