Reader letter: Watch out RV Travel, you’re on a slippery slope!


By Chuck Woodbury

Reader letter: Watch out RV Travel, you're on a slippery slope!I received this letter after last week’s issue:

“I have been reading your newsletter for several years and have learned from the many articles. However enough is enough so I am asking you to remove my email from your address list.

“I almost cancelled when you got on your liberal soap box about Camping World and guns but decided to continue reading to see what happened. Your most recent article telling people what they can say and read and how they should behave is the straw that broke the camels back and I can no longer stand to be part of a liberal group from Seattle and we all know the problems it has.

“Your lecture and censorship is very much like what we experience from Facebook, Apple and Google where they make their own Constitutional rights and we are old enough to decide for ourselves how we want and should behave. I will be surprised if your publication is around much longer because most of the older generation I speak with in campgrounds are conservative like me and have had enough of your and other liberal views.

“I wish you well because you are on a slippery slope.” —Ken

Dear Ken,
For the record, not every person in Seattle is a liberal. I have been told that there are at least 23 conservatives in the Puget Sound area. My comments about guns? I guess I don’t mention in every single article I write that has the word “gun” it that I personally believe the Second Amendment should be preserved. That said, I do have a personal problem with angry young men using military-style rifles to mow down people at Walmart.

I believe that it is people who kill, not guns. But few would argue that a gun is more efficient at it than a knife.

I don’t think a person needs an AK47 to hunt rabbits or deer. I do not believe that bazookas or short range missiles should be used for hunting moose. A .30-06 rifle will do just fine. I am not a hunter myself, as I prefer fishing. But when I was young I did do some quail hunting with my father.

I am not a liberal. I have always considered myself middle of the road. I vote for the person, not the party, so have voted for Democrats, Republicans and Independents throughout my life. I do have some liberal views, but I also have what might be considered conservative views. I am a man without a clearly defined personal political manifesto. I never could buy into either major party hook, line and sinker. As a writer, I try my best to be objective.

But, really, I do try to stay away from politics on this website (sorry, I guess I just broke that rule).

I have removed you from our mailing list as you requested, which of course doesn’t mean you can’t read this newsletter by going directly to our website as many of our readers do.

I’m not trying to be a smart-ass, but I get tired of people proclaiming me or a reader one thing or another when the accuser doesn’t present any evidence.

As far as not being around much longer, I’d have to disagree with you on that one.

Ken, you are probably a decent man, and I suspect if we met in a campground we’d get along just fine. This darn Internet brings out the worst in people, and that gets me down sometimes.

P.S. Sorry to other readers for me being a smart-ass, even though I said before that I wasn’t trying to be. Sometimes me ol’ brain needs to release some steam, and I think that’s just what happened.

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David Kendall

Analogy. We have strong feelings about Marc Lemonis and what he has done to the RV industry. Yet some of us feel that they can advocate limiting our 2nd Amendment rights because nutcakes, who don’t obey laws anyway, to decide that law abiding citizens don’t have a need, in their opinion. Does Lemonis ‘ business affect me more than someone who uses a forum than someone who advocates restricting my rights? Hate to say it, but I can buy an RV from someone besides Camping World. But when someone advocates restricting my Constitutional rights, they are doing something more harmful… Read more »


Just a comment to the reader who defended the inability of the government to regulate “mass murder” weapons, stating that if that was so, a lot of Americans died from using automobiles, and the government wasn’t doing anything to regulate automobiles. I spent 4 years of my high school on the debate squad and one semester in college. The first thing we have to do is agree on terms. A “mass murder weapon” would not be considered as a car as it is only capable of killing a few people at a time. Mass is short for massive in this… Read more »

RANDY L Johnson

I have not read every comment so if this is duplicative, I appologize. Why does anybody think an AR15 is a military style weapon? It is basically a .223 rifle. Is it because of the frt rail system? Gee we can actually mount a scope or flashlight. Makes it more accurate is what it does. A Sharp knife is more safe than a dull one, hence a more accurate weapon is a safer weapon. Could it be the Pistol Grip? Which allows for better grip and control, Again, More accurate? Please do not say anything about the adjustable stock, That… Read more »


Much had already been said, but this being the land of the free (for now) I’ll add my 2 cents. First, I fully support Chuck saying whatever he wants. I don’t always agree with his editorials but I never get angry about them. (Seriously if words on the Internet enrage you, get help) Chuck – you are clearly an expert on RV matters, at least from my perspective. But no one can be an expert in everything, and for you one of those subjects is guns. I am a Soldier, weapons are something I am intimately familiar with. No one… Read more »

Gene Bennington

Keep up the great work Chuck, I also believe RVTravel will be around for a long time. I have never voted 100% party line. I vote for the individual who I feel will do what’s right for the majority of the people. You do know you can’t satisfy everyone, some people you upset and some you make happy…. just like life, you take the bad with the good and the good with the bad. Learn to live with it! If you get upset about something, you should engage your brain before engaging your mouth to reply. Really folks, everyone needs… Read more »

Merrily Robinson

I would gladly pay more taxes so that every US citizen could be given a musket, the gun of our forefathers and the guns THEY were referring to at the time!!


When you give up your computer, ballpoint pen, Internet, TV and radio and go back to the quill and the printing presses available at the time, we can talk.

FYI our founding fathers knew about magazine feed crew-served weapons. Maybe you could research a subject before commenting next time.


Just a point of clarification… As Yuval Noah Harari points out in his excellent book “Homo Deus,” we’re more likely in America to die from diabetes than gun violence. According to the American Diabetes Association, “Diabetes is the primary cause of death for 79,535 Americans each year.” In contrast, in 2017, gun deaths were responsible for 39,773 deaths; of those, more than 14,000 were suicides. Mass shootings are terrifying and repugnant acts. But statistically they account for fewer than 1000 deaths in the last seven years. As Harari says, we have more to fear from sugar in the USA than… Read more »


The second amendment was great when every able bodied man was considered to be ‘militia’. But today we have police and real military to protect us. Do we all need assault weapons for protection? I don’t think so. But we do have the right to own legimate hunting and sporting weapons.


10 U.S. Code § 246.Militia: composition and classes.

If you’re a man between 17 and 45, congratulations! You’re in the militia of the United States.

RANDY L Johnson

So very few people understand this. Most think Militia means Military. The Militia is the Last Line of Defense. We are the MIlitia.


FACTS ARE FACTS —Keep up the good work Chuck with RV News. We RVers need your information. Lee….


Chuck, I look forward each week getting the Newsletter and reading whats on your mind. Please continue and always present the facts. If I don’t like the subject I will read it and decide later if I agree or not. I don’t expect every article will be to my liking, but that way it opens a door for discussion and reflection. I worked for over 30 years in Law Enforcement and seen the worst in people and the best. Everyday was different and confusing. RV’ing is my way of relaxing and forgetting the worst of times. Two days of camping… Read more »

Sherry L

Ditto for me too!

Bill Massicotte


pete morris

Chuck, keep up the great RV news letter

Claud Addicott

Chuck, you wrote. “I have always considered myself middle of the road.”

This is true of almost everyone. Political left and right are relative. Even people who consider themselves liberal or conservative, judge the position of others based on their own views being the center.

So, if someone calls you a liberal, they are really just saying that they believe your views are to the left of theirs. A different person, having views far to the left of yours, might well consider you a conservative.

Wes Jones

Keep up the good work Chuck with RV News. We RVers need your information.

Wendi L

Hi Chuck, first time I’ve posted but did want to encourage you to continue with your. Newsletter. We love it. Not everyone has to have the same beliefs to get something out of your newsletter don’t know why there r so many nasty people online. Whatever happened to the golden rule. Keep up the excellent work. I look forward to Saturday mornings as I know there will be another newsletter. Thx for what you do. It is appreciated.

Joseph Weinstein

Actually Chuck, I am sorry the reader chose to leave. Life is about education and I go out of my way to read articles, speeches, etc. with those with whom (I think) I am going to disagree. One person early in my life taught me that as soon as I feel myself “feeling” strongly about something to ask myself if I am educated on both sides of the subject. One of my political science teachers always made us debate the side that we disagreed with. From these two valuable lessons I have learned not only to “listen” to other side,… Read more »

RV Staff

Great points (IMHO). Thank you, Joseph. 😀 —Diane at


He literally made no points. He offered feelings and vague notions of “we must be safe”. What room does he see in the 2nd Amendment? What technology does he believe will stop [the statistically very rare] mass shootings? I have to be honest here – anyone who claims to be a vet and also claims that any civilian weapon on the market today is a weapon of war (and shouldn’t be in civilian hands) either is lying about their service or only touched a weapon once a year to qualify. Just because something bares a superficial appearance to something else… Read more »


Well stated, Joseph. ??
Chuck, keep up the great work.

Corrina Lee

Chuck, I actually like everything that you cover because I take it in the spirit that you intend. Sometimes people bring their own agendas into the equation and totally misinterpret what you are saying. Plus the web removes all the nuances that are involved when talking face to face. Keep on keeping on because I know you will be around for a long time…at least I hope so.

Brenda Logan

Well said Chuck! There is no reason for someone outside the military or police to own assault weapons….that’s why they are called assault weapons. In this recent political climate there is so much hatred and bigotry displayed that it is only considered okay to express an opinion if it comes from a place of bigotry, white privilege or narcissism. Anything else decent has come to be labeled liberal.I never considered myself as liberal because like you I have voted for the person in whatever party based on their history of performance and behavior. Their actions, their work and voting history… Read more »


I am not trying to change or devalue your opnion but, only the media, gun grabbers and the un-informed refer to these rifles as assault weapons. The AR as in AR15 stands for armalite rifle which is the company that invented them. It is not the same rifle as the M16 (military version), just looks the same.


Liberal groups like BLM and Antifa make threats against my wife and me because I choose to serve in the Army (and yes, there have been credible threats against members and their families). So as the good book says, when you sow the wind…

Also, there are no such things as assault weapons. There are assault rifles, which the typical civilian can never own. Beyond some cosmetic similarity the rifles one can buy are nothing like a military weapon.

Bill sturm

I didn’t read the above referenced article but I can sure get the jest of it from your reply. It’s not about what Guns are valid for hunting. I highly recommend you read a little history of our country to see the reasoning of our forefathers for believing all guns should be available to those of reasonable mental facilities. I will not allow you to merge your skewed ideas about guns into an RV magazine that I read so I’ll no longer rad it. Please remove me from your subscriber list.


Excellent response. Keep up the good work

terri carlson

My husband and I are very new to the R.V world. This news letter has helped us so very much. Please do me a huge favor, don’t stop writing. I look forward to your news letter each week and have some of them saved. I read what your reply was to Ken to my husband. We are like you in many ways, we vote for the people not what side of a party they are running for. So, just maybe someday we can meet! I would gladly shake your hand for thinking up this well written news letter. Terri


Only being an RV-er for a year and a half (paying subscriber to this site as well) I have never noticed any political bend of the site. What I find is helpful information on RVing, good product suggestions, maintenance tips, and tons of things that have saved me time and money. As I sit next to a small stream in a campground (chosen by the things I have learned on this website) in the Smokies, I am enjoying my RV as my wife and I take a week off of work. Thank you Chuck and team for a helpful and… Read more »

Dr. Sheridan J. Ball

Brava! Very well said.

Cactus Jack

Wow. Chuck, you missed the mark big time, buddy. I have gone rabbit AND deer hunting with an AR-15. First off…if you know how to operate the firearm chosen, you know where to aim. Head shots work wonders. Second, the rate of fire is not how many bullets you’re sending downrange at the rabbit. Yes it would be a bit much to send 30 rounds after a rabbit. But the gun is just a tool. Like a hammer. How fast can you accurately hit the nail over and over? Sure you can just whip to it and pound the hell… Read more »


We are careful NOT to talk politics, religion or even in this time of terrible division within our country, current events. In the past, confining ourselves to campground experiences, work, kids and vacations in a campground was out of politeness. Now it is due to wariness, unease and a little apprehension. Who is that person in the next camper? Does he or she have a gun, are they filled with anger, bigotry, or even just lots of liquor? Do we dare approach them when their music is blasting, dogs running around or the kids out of control? Simply no. We… Read more »


I don’t quite understand ” The ability to commit mass murder is not a right”. If you are talking about automatic weapons or multi round magazines, I can understand what you are saying. If that is the case, we must declare vehicles, alcohol, and tobacco products as “not a right”. Each of these kills far more than firearms. Mental illness is a major problem, especially since the ACLU sued to make it almost impossible to commit them to long term care, and we need laws to protect them and society. How many times do you think law enforcement and educators… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

A small middle eastern country is safer. Look, respectfully your husband was just telling you feel good scenario. No, it’s not safer in any middle eastern country, I read that and just couldn’t believe the misinformation. Hope your family member remains safe, but I, for one, will not listen to untruths.

S. Jenks

As long as a person is not a Christian, he or she MIGHT be safer in a small Middle Eastern country, and as long as he or she does not assume that U.S. constitutional rights travel along on the trip.

Dr. Sheridan J. Ball

Brava! Very well said.

Brenda Logan

My son works for a hospital system that trains doctors in other countries. I was worried about him going in to other countries including one of the major Middle East countries and he reminded me “mom I am more safe there than I am here.” It was a real eye opener.

Ed Fogle

“mom I am more safe there than I am here.”

And what is his source of statistics on this?


His feelings. That’s all the source a Millenial needs.


Well Chuck – what a hornets nest. – I do not think there is a more divisive subject and it is a hot button that is front and center. I may not always agree with some views but overall I feel this is a great forum. I would ask commenters to think before they press “POST”. Everyone maybe not like CM or Gander World selling some products, but remember Gander was a going company before CW bought them. This means a local store where people kept jobs and added another place to shop for their needs and wants for outdoor… Read more »

Ed Fogle

“I don’t think a person needs an AK47 to hunt rabbits or deer. I do not believe that bazookas or short range missiles should be used for hunting moose. A .30-06 rifle will do just fine. I am not a hunter myself, as I prefer fishing. But when I was young I did do some quail hunting with my father.”

The 2nd has nothing to do with hunting. That is not it’s purpose. Anyone who believes the amendment is to preserve our right to hunt missed something in civics class.

Billy Bob Thorton


Excellent commentary. Unless the uninformed strive to learn, this discussion, and the fact you just stated, will fall on deaf ears. I only hope a sufficient number of the electorate, understand the meanings our founding fathers, which were laid forth in our constitution. For those who care to focus on the periphery, I challenge them to listen to these meaningful discussions, know our history, and continue to grow, and learn.


The meanings are spelled out by the founders if they choose to research them, including the founders meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

Dennis Johnson

I am a Veteran 1963-1967 and hunted with step father before going into the service. I have had enough of the positive comments on Military (which is what they were designed for) for needing these guns, they should not be in our society today. Then government blames mental illness instead and still cuts the cost/spending on handicapped/mental illness support dollars. The RV newsletter is great and informative keep the current trend, I just got 3 people to actually sign up for the newsletter. Thanks for the useful information over the years.

RV Staff

Hey, Dennis. Thanks for getting some signups for our newsletter. That’s terrific! And, more importantly, thank you for your service! Last but not least, thank you for reading our newsletter for years — we sincerely appreciate you! Take care. 😀 —Diane at

Vanessa Simmons

You didn’t sign these people up for the newsletter so why do they feel you should remove them. DON’T DO IT! They are big boys and girls and can do that for themselves. Maybe put a disclaimer on the email before the read now button that “If you don’t want to receive this email any longer cancel/subscribe…it isn’t our job to take you off a list you signed up for voluntarily.”

Vanessa Simmons

“cancel/unsubscribe” 🙂

Daniel Pankiewicz

Chuck, whether we agree with “everything ” in your extensive newsletters, is moot. What is very important is you present a viewpoint for thinking adults to hear. If you can’t hear and listen to both sides of any issue you are not informed. It can be Camping World practices, guns, and even tank dumping. For example, I disagree with the preferred practice, published 1000’s of times including in your newsletter, of dumping black than grey. I say do little grey, black, and finish with grey. Why? If something is wrong with my hookup connection, hose leak or worst. I prefer… Read more »


Gray – black – gray. Great idea!

Dave C

Always, a little grey and quick check for leaks, close grey open black, then finish with grey.

Carson Axtell

Well done, Chuck! It seems every person with an inflexible opinion decides that every countering opinion is an “attack” on their constitutional and existential rights. It also seems that they never understand that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were penned to limit the power of the *government* and NOT the power of individuals, or even businesses. Most egregious of all, they don’t seem to get that expressing one’s opinions both as an individual and as a member of the press is very specifically protected in the First Amendment, and RV Travel Newsletter quite definitely qualifies as a “member of… Read more »


Many people affably say “Live and Let Live” or “agree to disagree” but the problem is they don’t actually mean it, much less understand it. It means that one’s neighbor is fully welcome to say and do as one *hates* and vice versa. One has the right to be racist until they act on someone else, at which point others have the right to stop your ignorant actions, not thoughts. While one might never have an abortion, they must also defend keeping it totally legal by the fetal-parents’ consent. If the neighbor hates guns, they don’t have to own them… Read more »

Mark B

I just had an epiphany! Our current method of discourse (shown most prodigiously by our tweeter-in-chief) evolved from a weekly comedy sketch perfected by Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd on SNL (Saturday Night Live). The Point-Counter Point sketch was funny and mostly farcical. Today, every point-counter point has been distilled to simple phrases to fit within the original tweet limit of 140 characters. This comical skit was from 1979. Dan’s counter point started with “Jane, you ignorant slut”. Today, that would post as “JANE IS AN IGNORANT SLUT and every word you said is FAKE NEWS”. Welcome to 2019.

Mark B

Chuck you are alright, and it’s your prerogative to say whatever you want on the soapbox. It’s your soapbox. We can’t all be right, and even if you stray from important RV news or nostalgia by harping on those assault weapons or Lemony Snicket’s jet, it’s your right. However, I wish you would stop posting these silly “Letters to the Editor”. Nobody could be that narrow minded. We know you write these under a pseudonym to stir up lots of comments and then boast “readers had posted a whopping 36,774 comments”. 🙂

RV Staff

Mark — I know Chuck has already responded to your comment, but I want to add my two cents’ worth. Chuck does NOT write “Letters to the Editor” under a pseudonym — EVER! Those are actual emails he receives from readers. (You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff he receives!) And he does not post them with the intention to “stir up lots of comments and then boast ‘readers had posted a whopping 36,774 comments’.” We appreciate it when our readers get involved in the discussion (as long as their comments are civil). But we’re certainly not posting articles with… Read more »

Mark B

Guys, I respect you. I believed somebody really wrote that. It’s like the really good comedy; you just don’t have to make it up.

RV Staff

Thanks, Mark. Your comment was too convincing, I guess (saying Chuck wrote it to get our number of comments up). And I was somewhat surprised by it, based on previous comments from you. Thanks for clarifying. We respect you, too. (And I feel better now.) 😀 —Diane at

Kevin Richey

23 conservative people in the Seattle area?
I could feel your smart-aleck-ness coming through as soon as I read that, Chuck!

-A long time reader who also feels he is a middle of the road-er. Neither in the far left nor right camp. A libertarian party member who does not vote for candidates of the two biggest political parties.

Gene Bjerke

It’s my observation that Chuck actually says very little about guns. What happens is that as soon as the magic word “gun” appears in this newsletter you get a barrage of comments. I can just imagine Chuck saying to someone, “Let’s have some fun. Watch what happens when I say ‘gun’.”


I am in the middle of a 60 day trip to Alaska. Thoroughly enjoying it. The best part is the Wagon Masters put down two rules at the very beginning : 1. No politics 2. No religion. It’s amazing how well people can get along in harmony without opinion bashing. Good riddance to the guy who caused all the fuss. I won’t miss him. I come here to learn about RVing and all that it entails. I support this newsletter both financially and with a dedication to reading it ! So let’s get back to what’s important and leave all… Read more »

RV Staff

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, Frank. We appreciate you and other readers like you who appreciate what we’re trying to do for RVers everywhere. And we appreciate your support — whether it’s monetary or just by reading our publications and giving our efforts a thumbs up. Thank you! 😀 —Diane at


The problem is that it is Chuck himself continuously stirring the political pot – then becoming upset when he garners differing viewpoints in return.


Really? Please explain where and when he has done that?


Ditto , agree with Daniel , I’ve been reading this site before Chuck had a staff or updated his rig sold everything and complained his way across AMERICA. Bad cmpgs, don’t stay at Wal-Mart’s , bad people in parks every where . Really ? Just two years on the and it’s not for him. That makes him an expert. I enjoyed the trip , my Sat morning comic.LOL


Here’s a thought, act like grownups!! If you can’t have a sensible conversation about guns, politics, religion or anything else without getting personal, then you have and are the problem. I have cordial conversations about these very subjects all the time and yes, I have my moments too, but if you are unable to converse without disagreeing with someone then you need help.


After reading the readers comments and reply I found several things to agree and disagree with each. I do look forward to reading each week. Keep up with the good work.


Hornets nest opened. Chuck, I have enjoyed each newsletter and learned so many things from electric to solar and everything in between. Thank you for all the hours you have dedicated to this newsletter. You and your writing staff are awesome!

RV Staff

Thank you, Judy! We are always happy to hear that our efforts are appreciated. You and all the other RVers are why we do what we do — and why we love to do it! Happy RVing! 😀 —Diane at


Hey people! This thread has gotten waaaay off point. The original letter writer had a right to quit and express his reasons. Chuck had a right to respond , correct the facts and defend himself. End of story. There are plenty of other places to express your views on what’s happening in our country…. FB, Twitter, etc. Let’s get back to what we all have in common…. a love of our RV’s and being on the road. We all have the choice to continue to read this newsletter or not. I, personally, choose to stay for the wonderful informative articles.… Read more »



Billy Bob Thorton

Of course he does, more so than most, because it’s his site. That’s nonsense it’s off topic. This is a great place to offer your heart felt views. Thank Chuck for hosting this, and allowing different views.

Andy Zipser

For me, the real issue in this exchange is not about guns and Second Amendment rights, but the growing (?) tendency of people to respond to differences of opinion by demanding they be left out of the discussion. This all-or-nothing approach to public issues goes far in explaining why our country is so polarized today, and why brow-beating has become a preferred mode of “dialogue.”

RV Staff

Great point, Andy. Thanks! —Diane at

Dusty Rayburn

If there was a like button, I would click it. I recently read a post that compared modern day “debate” to playing by kindergarten rules which basically prohibits compromise. The point made in the post was: absent compromise, the ability to move forward effectively is all but eliminated.


RE: Chuck’s response to “Ken of Slippery Slope”

Can’t agree with you more.

Life can get boring without an occasional wise-ass.

Bravo ???????


I will bet the deed to my ocean-side winter house in Florida that Ken doesn’t watch Fox News TV either! Being fed one-sided views and lies every day makes a person very dumb and stupid.


Agreed. I recommend that Ken not waste his time responding to illiterate readers.

patti panuccio

I’ve been with you since the beginning and will continue to be a paid member as long as I can.

RV Staff

Thank you, Patti. We appreciate you very much! 😀 —Diane at


Wow! Looks like you stirred something up. As with our RV’s when something is noisy, something is wrong. If you hunt down the root cause and fix it, typically all is good.I have never figured out why unknowing (not doing your homework on an issue) becomes another kind of knowing (noise or opinions). It takes a lot of learning to finally “learn ignorance” and wisdom. Maybe we all need to don our bulletproof vests and head back to school with all of the other victims!

Reggie Shropshire

Well said Chuck. You handled that blowhard well. Keep on doing your thing.

Marc M

Im with Ken, there’s too many other places to get this type of info from to sit around and watch the 2nd amendment be tread on. I’ll be blocking this website from my Google news feed.


How is Chuck writing his personal opinion treading on the second amendment?
I must have missed the article where he was asking readers to write their congressional representatives to abolish the second amendment. I read just about every newsletter he puts out. How did I miss that one?


Did you know that your Google corporation and its parent Alphabet Inc is led by mostly liberal managers who are in favor of treading on the 2nd amendment?


On the contrary I find that most of the RVers we meet are quite conservative. So much so we joined a group on Facebook for more Liberal folks.
I read this newsletter for information and try not to comment when it gets political because I’m in the minority.

Billy Bob Thorton

In ALL seriousness, how do you marry RVing with gas guzzling RV recreation. Unless your a tenter minimalist, which this forum doesn’t address, I see a dichotomy here. Just wondering how you justify the two.


Good response, Chuck. I agree with you on every point (except for voting for the person and not the party. The person, no matter who, is the party because it’s their foundation).


It is easy to close your mind, turn off your brain and live in the small box after being brain washed since birth. It is more difficult to be open minded, think a little more and look at each situation for what it is. I served in the military for 4 years during Vietnam and was the quintessential young boy who believed my government could do no wrong and that America was the most altruistic nation in the world. Some of that is true, the people of America are good and generous people. The problem is with our elected officials… Read more »

Karen K Willis

Very, very true.

Barb U.

Onward Chuck!!!

chris p hemstead

I want to know what “liberal” problems Seattle has!!


You really do not read (or understand) what Chuck writes, eh? “But, really, I do try to stay away from politics on this website”
So go off to yer corner and try this

Stay cool


LOL!!!!! Great joke!


Wow. This is my first time reading this Newslwstter. I thought I was in for an informatiive exchange of ideas on how to make life better for the RVer. BUT, I get wrapped up in a Liberal-Conservative exchange on the apparently unsolvable issue of Gun Control. Hmmmmm!!

I suspect it be prudent of me to get back to the articles I expected to read and leave this one alone for what it is: RANTING.

John Doddato

We reap what we sow. Today’s problems are from the things our generation chose to put in front of our children’s eyes


Perfect statement. Think I’m gonna save that one.


One of the things I find interesting about this topic is that it is stated time and time again about the semi automatic guns, is that they are not needed to hunt with… but what about those who shoot for the simple enjoyment of shooting a target or a few tin cans for fun? Do they need to be restricted to plinking at their targets with a BB gun? Really it is absurd to think that by passing another law that chips away at our 2nd Amendment rights will stop those who seek to do us and others harm, will… Read more »


We will soon enough see some poor “good guy with a gun” blown away by good cops arriving at an incident to see “good guy” waving his”good gun” around while innocents are dying because of “plinkers” plinking at people with their AR15 or AK47. You tell me how a civilian shooting a gun in protection can be differentiated in a crowd from another civilian on a killing spree. Or “good guy” #3 shooting at “good guy” #1.

Billy Bob Thorton

Easy, uniform crime statistics show, that more crime is prevented by the citizenry armed, than the negative reported. It’s simple math. You can choose to read the reports, and understand that there are more good things than bad that happen. I encourage you too, because knowledge is powerful. Lack of it can be very painful.

Denny Wagaman

When a private citizen who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon and comes to the aid or protection of someone or him or herself It is seldom covered by the press.

It would be an interesting question of the week to ask how many people have a concealed weapons permit.

Karen K Willis

In a lot of cases, one “good guy with a gun” will probably have downed the ‘bad guy with a gun” before the police can get there. And I’m betting in most cases, the “good guys with guns” will recognize one another.

James Conner

Chuck your presentation was well put & justifiable. Keep up your good work in words.



Thomas Smithbrother

To a large extent I agree with the original post about guns . In my humble opinion that issue should NEVER been brought up in any RV. I enjoy many of the RV related articles but hate reading what I consider liberal off the wall articles that have NOTHING to do with camping or RV in general. Please everyone stick to the topic so that I also will not have to leave this forum after all these years. Thank you.


Chuck continues to post divisive stories and divisive opinions. Then he become enraged when others post differing opinions, and he attacks the poster for doing so.

Billy Bob Thorton

This gentleman has exercised his free speach. Chuck has posted his comment, which was a good thing to do. However, as expected most have jumped on the band wagon. If a hunter wants to use a an “AK47” to legally hunt game under the federal and state game laws, he has that RIGHT. Yes, it’s a Right, as long as he meets magazine, caliber, etc. Regulations. You WILL NOT find that in the field however, because it is not an effective tool to bag your game. But, it always looks good in print. You all missed the point. We recognize… Read more »


Nicely said!!!


Turn your binoculars around .. The small lens goes by your eye. Do you think a bunch milling around with AR15s is going to make enough of a difference against a massive military presence? Also, I hope you don’t distrust your own military enough to think they would turn on citizens as a group. Paranoia will get us nowhere but getting rid of high capacity magazines and reopening mental institutions might be a step in the right direction. By the way it was your god Ronald Reagan’s regime that closed the mental health system down giving us the enduring gift… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

Sir, such vanquish in your words. You point to certain politicians, shows your not getting what I said. First off, I was pointing out the regime of Communist China, moving against their own people. How you spun that in the US Army coming for the citizenry here, is puzzling to me. Second. The very basis of the 2nd amendment was put into the Bill of RIGHTS for the very purpose that seems to be unfolding in Hong Kong, where the citizens have no rights. A genius safegard drafted some 234 years ago. Third, spewing this politician did this, is NOT… Read more »


What Bill said is correct. It was Reagan who pushed to release the mentally ill and close down the mental hospitals. Just as he was correct in his opinion that if the protesters in Hong Kong had AR15’s, they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Chinese army. Just as if in this country people tried to fight the army with AR15’s they wouldn’t stand a chance either. So all the talk on here about the 2nd amendment is about the citizens keeping gov’t in check with their own guns is a joke.


Please study what happened in parts of Europe in 1938-1941 when your statement “I hope you don’t distrust your own military enough to think they would turn on citizens as a group.” was actually put into practice. Those citizens as a group or otherwise was totally disarmed.

Wayne quick

Strange, it only became a problem 2.5 years ago. Wonder what happened then to promote such a change in behavior??

Billy Bob Thorton

I think i know. But, rather than say it, lets move forward and lock up the mentally insane. There is a solution, but it will take the hatred of one political party to put it aside, and embrace it’s a mental health issue. Until, they agree, the carnage will not stop.

Larry Lee

Just be aware for those who agree with banning ownership of assault rifles, that actually means ALL semi-automatic rifles.

Billy Bob Thorton

When the citizenry is dumb, nothing good becomes of it. There are countless articles, videos of dummy politicians working up the purple hair crazies at rallies, which is carried by the MSM. That is the narrative on the news at 6 and 11. It’s all nonsense until people get hurt. Then they launch off that to drum up votes. It’s a MENTAL HEATH ISSUE PEOPLE, not a second amendment issue.

Karen Barrett

Second Amendment is good (bad guys still going to get/have/use guns for their own purposes no matter what!)….Camping World (Lemonis gone a bit ‘off the rails’ over the years). This newsletter has never sounded like a ‘liberal soap box’, or we’d never have continued reading it–or posting our thoughts and recent ‘fulltime’ article on it. Tried to condense lot of thoughts into a few sentences here (I tend to digress when ‘all wound up’). Good job Chuck & associates.
Karen & Jim (RET/DAV/USA)-in central “rainy” Florida

RV Staff

Thank you for your kind words, Karen and Jim. We appreciate you — and your service. 😀 —Diane at, from sunny (i.e., non-rainy) Seattle 😉


Yes mass shootings, mass knife attacts, mass vehicle murders and suicides are deplorable, the public and polititians are quick to only complain and want do do something about guns. While universal background checks could reduce the number of suicides and some mentally unfit gun owners, it will not do anything about criminals. I live in a state that runs background checks daily on law abiding gun owners yet Chicago has the one of the highest gun murder rates in the country. Can’t be the law abiding citizen doing the shooting. What is so alarming is when individuals, businesses, and politicians… Read more »

Karen K Willis

Absolutely true – politicians often have not the slightest clue when it comes to guns – however, pretty sure most of them hire armed guards for protection. Kinda makes you wonder if they have any idea what their protectors are carrying!

Arthur Jacobson

Chuck, This is your newsletter and as such you are free to publish your opinions. Simply stating it is people with guns that are killing other people with or without guns is a fact and not opinion. The horrors we have seen in so many American places like El Paso, Dayton, Pittsburgh and Summerland Springs should be enough for any level headed citizen to question the gun laws in America. The recent shootout with police in Philadelphia is a reminder of how lawlessness, disrespect for authority and guns are destroying our society. Without going into politics I will paraphrase: “Poop… Read more »

Captn John

Enough laws on guns. Look at Chicago for answer. How about executing those that murder within 18 months of 1st conviction? Do it on pay Tv.

Billy Bob Thorton

In the future, their will be no war, there will only be Roller Ball! If it get that bad, I’ll be looking for an island. Who wants in!


The “you don’t need a (insert gun type) to kill deer” argument is old, tired, and disingenuous. What people “need” is nobody’s business but their own. The 2A does not address what a citizen needs, only that they have the constitutional right to bear arms. Period.

This is always the empty argument we get from libs, who are sorely lacking in common sense, and constitutional gravitas.

Just what the hell is in that Seattle water anyway? You know, the water they use at Starbucks.

Kim Christiansen

Hey Tim, please no bashing on one’s political beliefs, one way or the other. That’s what Chuck’s point was all about above and over several other editorials. We all disagree on occasion, that’s no reason to start name calling and finger pointing.

As for Seattle water, I seriously think maybe we should check sometime. There’s some loony tunes stuff going on up here from time to time… that’s all folks!



Chuck is one of the worst offenders. And it’s becoming constant lately.

Billy Bob Thorton

Now, now, cut some slack. You wouldn’t be able to blow your horn, so to speak if Chuck didn’t host this for you. Now would you!


Chuck, you do a fine job of pursuing a non- biased journalistic approach to portraying the many issues of the day and how many of them relate to the world of RVing. It does seem that our world is more noticeably divisive than ever before. For whatever reason individuals that express a view contrary to others are branded. What a shame that we all can’t get along and accept the fact that we as humans have the right to have different viewpoints.

RV Staff

Excellent points, Mike. Thank you! 😀 —Diane at

Bill Semion

Good job. Just another rant, of which there ae on “both” sides. There are more than two sides by the way, as you point out. Another example of the decline of civility, and as you point out, the anonymity of the Internet.

David Howard

I’m about as conservative a person as you are likely to ever run into, and while I disagree with the liberal perspective on almost every issue, I have nothing offensive in this newsletter, ever. I hope that this informative site does not deteriorate into political rantings, and I suspect it will not. We can disagree on many issues and still share our common interest in RV travel. Going back to the gun issue for a moment, I suggest to your readers that have not really been educated on the 2nd Amendment and the intentions of our Founders, that the right… Read more »

Karen K Willis

Absolutely, it was written so that citizens can oppose tyranny in the government. Of course, nothing a citizen is allowed to possess would do much against the Army (or other Services) – but I believe and hope an pray is true – any of our Armed Services would revolt against government action against our citizens.


Our military are citizen soldiers of an all volunteer force.

One might even call them a well regulated militia.

Sherri Eley

I am confused about the anti liberal letter. I think any comment that is anti gun is taken by the right to mean “you want to take my guns” These are the people who will not compromise or even listen to the whole argument. Sadly this writer is what I consider an extremist. I have never seen any extremist comments on your site. I enjoy the newsletter each week. Sadly people like the writer of this letter are stuck in their own view of the world and have little to no interest in hearing another point of view or learning… Read more »

Jim Lee

You handled him well. He doesn’t have to read your articles. But from an observer viewpoint, he has trying to push his values on you by saying that you were pushing your values on him. I do not see your newsletter as political at all. But you have your right to speak up. Keep standing up for your values!


Chuck, you handled it right from the first to last communication. It’s always disappointing to see folks who thinks it’s ok to vilify others, but when some possible criticisms come their way, they can’t handle it. Democracy is based on both agreement and disagreement; if people want the former, they’ve got to respect and handle the latter. Sounds like this guy liked just hearing his own views, the agreement part. Sad. Keep up the good work and publication!

Ken (a different Ken)

Just went back to read the “liberal anti-gun rant” that riled Ken to the point of unsubscribing.
Asking folks to be respectful and reflect on each person’s right to have during views, and expressing anger and frustration at the massacres we gave daily is not the liberal anti-gun rant I expected.
This “liberal” agreed with you, Chuck, 100%.
I would write more, but I have to get to the local range to practice with my new rifle.


Without using my reply as a platform to perpetuate the ‘us vs them’ conversation, let me say that after many years of both reading & financially supporting this newsletter, I’ve learned to agree to disagree a number of times. No different than in many other aspects of my life concerning many other topics of conversation…

RV Staff

Thank you, John. We wish more people had the common sense that you do — this world would undoubtedly be a nicer and safer place. And thank you for being a long-time reader/subscriber. We sincerely appreciate you! 😀 —Diane at


Chuck, keep on writing the way you have always done. As it was told to me by many people with common sense, “The truth hurts”. We need folks, writers, reporters that will tell the unbiased truth to keep the pressure on the unscrupulous people in our society. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

gilbert kelly

Chuck, sound like you and I have the same values and ideas, I vote both ways, always have always will, I guess I am not a follower.

Donald Wright

I have enjoyed “letters to the Editor” in newspapers for years, remembering one article where individual readers comments were printed. Lots of accusations, but a few mentioned what a fine story it was. I too would love to sit down at a campground with a cup of coffee to solve the worlds problems, but many people prefer sitting down in front of a computer to spew their venom, rather than face the person they disagree with.

RV Staff

Very true, Donald. And getting worse all the time, unfortunately. 🙁 —Diane at


Because Chuck has been intentionally stirring the pot. Of course the dissenting viewpoints are increasing – thanks to Chuck’s divisiveness.

Sue Losinger

I agree with your gun outlook. Who needs to kill wild life with 100 rounds in 30 seconds.


Sue, my state and I suspect most states’ hunting regulations limit the number of rounds of ammunition a rifle or shotgun can hold while hunting. For instance, in California if you are hunting ducks, you are limited by law to three shells in your shotgun. I realize that your “100 rounds in 30 seconds” quote was made for emotional impact, a little internet research on the law might give you some much needed perspective. However, criminals by nature and by definition violate the law. So if there was someone out there “who needs to kill wild life (sic) with 100… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

Some clarification; ducks are a migratory bird and thus regulated by the federal govt. The three shot magazine limit is a federal law. NO state has jurisdiction on magazine limits, bag limits, etc.

Karen K Willis

OMG, if I hit any wildlife/game with 100 rounds in 30 seconds, there won’t be anything left to eat/use for a trophy/even show I “got” it!


You have no clue to semi automatic weapons. You must be thinking of full automatic machine guns like the M60.


Chuck, unfortunately many (certainly not all) RVers think exactly the way this guy does. The reality is many of these people come from very religious and authoritarian backgrounds and they have been so brainwashed in what their version of right and wrong is they are totally unable to understand, much less accept, anynview that may differ from what they have be trained to believe their whole life. There is no way to get through to them and any reasonable, responsible response will be meet with immediate attacking and messages such as “Go back to where you came from”. “Guns don’t… Read more »


So true. Sad though. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ken (a different Ken)

Wish I could have said it that well. Brainwashed is the perfect term to describe the narrow perspective so many have these days.


RGR The statement of “people come from very religious and authoritarian backgrounds and they have been so brainwashed” is very inflammatory and disrespectful. The individuals that your statement talks about could say the same about you. You state that “open problem in the USA in the past 2.5 years as these kind of people now feel empowered to publicity air their fear of anything or anyone different from themselves.” This statement leads me to believe that you believe that this problem stated when Trump was sworn in as President. But you are wrong, this problem has been going on longer… Read more »


Ken, of course, go bury your head in the sand. Why be exposed to ANY opinions? Debate…….. what’s that? Lately, if you’re not on the left, you’re a rasist. We’re being taught to follow the herd. No more self thinking.


YOUR hate and bigotry is showing. Go look in a mirror.