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Reader Letter: “Stop starting firestorms”

Dear editor,
This is a simple request to you and your writing staff! I wish you would STOP, STOP, STOP starting firestorms, like last week’s “Virus Passport” article. You had to know this was gonna bring out every negative comment that can be thought of.

This article has little to do with RVing and unless we start seeing RV parks requiring such Passports in order to get a reservation or be allowed to camp at that location, then it has nothing to do with RVing! I for one am NOT in favor of any kind of Vaccine Passport!

So, like other controversial articles that have NOTHING to do with RVing, please stop posting these things!

I have completely stopped posting or making any comments to RV Travel. — Jeff T.

Dear Jeff,
We had a staff meeting about this after all the angry comments on that article. One guy commented 41 times, which was ridiculous. We were all busy that particular morning and time passed, and the conversation got out of control.

I disagree with you about the article not being relevant to RVers. Sure, it’s not as relevant as instructions about how to dump your black tank; but in this day and age, the discussion about how we deal with the pandemic going forward is very relevant. Gail Marsh’s article discussed the major points of how such a “COVID Card” might affect travelers, and that definitely includes RVers.

We will not stop publishing articles just because we fear certain individuals will object. But we are taking steps to keep the conversation civilized. We can put those readers who SCREAM or spout misinformation on a moderated basis, where we will approve each of their comments before they post. Or we can just ban them from ever commenting again. which we have done before. We’ll keep the conversation respectful that way.

Think back 25 years when we all read newspapers. Editors of big newspapers routinely received hundreds of letters to the editor a week. They only published a fraction of them, those that were intelligent and added to the discussion. Nowadays, everyone believes it’s their right to comment on anything, and some of what they say is wrong, angry or based on misinformation they got from their favorite fringe news source or cable TV network.

But I can tell you one thing: We need to more careful about watching what comments are being posted, and who is screaming and calling others names. It’s no fun for most of our respectful readers (99 percent of the audience) to be forced to wade though their nonsense.

Thanks for contacting me about this – much appreciated. —Chuck



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9 months ago

I’m late to the party on this topic, and hopefully the issue has abated somewhat as the pandemic has (temporarily) eased and life goes (somewhat) back to normal. At some campgrounds i am required to show proof that my dog has been vaccinated so that she will not spread or contract a disease from other dogs. Isn’t this kind of the same thing (but way more important)?

1 year ago

The article was perfect and much needed! I believe this is nothing but political with the person who complained.

1 year ago

Thanks for not caving in. I agree, the article was RV travel related. I am new to the RV life and enjoy your newsletters. I have requested the newbie one too when it starts back.

1 year ago

”Vaccination Passports” are, of course, nothing new, as international travelers know. Though I retired five years ago, I still have my “yellow card,” proof of vaccinations for various diseases. My work required extensive international travel. Some countries require certain vaccinations for entry. No yellow card, no visa, no entry.

1 year ago

I missed the article but every one definitely needs to be aware of what some in government want to do regarding punishing those who choose not to get the vaccine. There is nothing wrong with be informed then make our own decisions.

John Crawford
1 year ago
Reply to  rvgrandma

What about when your decision is killing others.

Jay Ward
1 year ago

Vaccine proof may be a short-term solution to a short-term problem. We’ll carry our CDC cards with us while we travel. No problem. Long term? No way. Now, since Jeff T. has left, problem solved. But the discussion is VERY much related to RV travel or travel in general. Information and discussion is much appreciated, so keep it up.

1 year ago

Here’s my thoughts? We’re told to mask up but we’re also told masks don’t work. We’re told to take the vaccine but no one knows for sure what’s going to happen down the road after you take the vaccine.

1 year ago

Sorry Jeff and apparently others would rather bury their head in the sand and deny one possibly of what our future may look like. It must be nice not to know anyone who has been directly effected. Right now people need to get the vaccine and wear a mask for a while so the scourge can be stopped before there are anymore variants. Just a little effort by the holdouts and we should be closer back to normal much faster.

1 year ago
Reply to  TomS

My head is not buried in the sand. I am just asking a question. I wish the cdc would stop moving the goal posts on masks. Does anyone know how the vaccine is going to do to us down the road?

James LaGasse
1 year ago

Virus passports are a very real possibility and important to anyone who travels (RVers). Once you become afraid to publish articles that might offend or anger someone you lose relevance. I find articles that I don’t like, just move on, you don’t have to comment on everything or be mean doing it. The internet allows us to be nasty without being exposed and some immature people take full advantage to say what they have no courage to say in person.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  James LaGasse

That’s the truth. Thanks, James! Have a good evening, and a Happy Easter! 😀 —Diane at

1 year ago

You are always going to have someone that has a conniption fit about something. It is getting to the point that a lot of folks, with a PC attitude, are afraid to say anything due to the fear of offending someone. If different opinions were not had by different people we would, in all probability, still be living in caves. If some one doesn’t like an opinion then they don’t have to either listen to or read about it. As for the ones that cause “flame” attacks, well, they should get a life and finish growing up to a responsible adult.

Patricia Neuzil
1 year ago

I enjoyed the article very much. Most of us like to read and learn other information even if it’s specifically only RV related so please keep publishing them.

1 year ago

Keep up the good work, Chuck…Ignore those “Nattering Nabobs of Negativity”…this is YOUR baby, and those who don’t want to read an article can scroll on by(e)!!😎

1 year ago

I’m not sure how the discussion of “vaccine passports” doesn’t impact RVers. These items could affect where and how we dine out, visit museums, amusement parks, and other points of interest. They could impact many aspects of how we travel for some time. State to State, foreign countries (Canada, Mexico and France (there are two islands just off the southern coast of Newfoundland accessible by ferry)). I feel the discussion is very important. It is unfortunate that some folks can’t help but respond in with a vitriol rant rather than offer a reasonable position. Keep publishing articles that you and your staff deem as RV relevant!

1 year ago
Reply to  MrDisaster

 👍  👍  👍 

Julianne G. Crane
1 year ago
Reply to  MrDisaster

I also agree that ‘vaccine passports’ make sense. I would feel much more comfortable knowing that everyone in a movie theater or at a Resturant is vaccinated.

1 year ago

I agree that any such discussions should be kept civil. But perhaps I do not agree about censoring things that you might deem “misinformation”. If presented in a civil manner, any outlook or opinion should be allowed. This new “misinformation” form of censorship is, in many ways, doing more harm to our country than many of the other things that have happened in this last year. Truly eroding the core of what America is (or has been).

1 year ago
Reply to  John

John is definitely on point with his comments.

1 year ago
Reply to  John

So totally agree. I am sick of social media providers deciding that they the “Gods of Truth” and anyone with opposing opinions are posting misinformation. You should accept it all and let the readers decide fir themselves what to believe basted on the merits of the discussion.

Al K
1 year ago

I never take any comments out of context. I look at them with an open mind as everyone has and is entitled to an opinion. Discussions are only that and I admire you Chuck and your Staff for bringing them forward. Please keep up the Great Work you (your Staff) do. I look forward everyday to your newsletter.

Dick & Sandy from near Buffalo, NY now in Florida
1 year ago


I hope that the majority of your readers are as open minded as you and your staff. If everyone just fell into line and did not question policy and rule, the world would still be flat and the earth would still be the center of our universe. Until we put ourselves in someone elses shoes before making rash or non reversible decisions, people will put blinders on and not be able to see the full view. We all have our faults, we all have our problems. RVTravel allows those with many common faults and problems to experience those of others to be educated and helped through the life of RVers. I will continue to read and donate to RVTravel and promote your efforts. Stay safe, Stay well, Safe travels and Happy Easter to all.

RV Staff
1 year ago

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Dick & Sandy. We appreciate them. And we appreciate your support (of whatever type), and, most of all, we appreciate YOU! Have a great day, and a very Happy Easter! 😀 —Diane at

patti panuccio
1 year ago

Keep up the good work.

William Hall
1 year ago

I read the article in question and found it to be helpful and appropriate for publishing on As for not publishing articles that might create “firestorms”, what kind of article doesn’t have the potential for creating a “firestorm”? All it takes is one individual (the “match”) to post something that others (the “firestorm”) take exception to, which then results in others taking exception, and voila, we have the “firestorm”.

1 year ago
Reply to  William Hall

You’re right… almost any subject can turn into a raging argument these days with that one comment that is usually off-topic and political.

1 year ago

Jeff’s comment about firearms articles not being relevant to rving is completely off base. Firearms issues are more relevant to rvers than most other people in this country, because we travel through many strange, unfamiliar places, that others, who live in those areas, may know are not the safest places to eat, shop, fill up with gas, or stay overnight. We, as newbies to those areas, wish to be able to protect ourselves if a situation arises. And in today’s world, that could be any Walmart, church, or mall in the country. If our society is going to continue to allow mentally ill people to wander, free to inflict damage on society, instead of confining & treating them as we did in the 20th century, then I will insist on being able to defend myself & my family from them.

Darla K Baker
1 year ago

Good point about newspaper letters to the editor. And like those good old days, they weren’t magically published to their readership unmoderated. Perhaps we can learn from those good old days. User generated content such as high comment counts are currency on the web. As such, there is an incentive to allow comments to become provocative. It’s taken humanity to a very bad place.

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