Thursday, December 8, 2022


Light up your (RV) life … without flipping a switch!


Let there be light — where you want it, when you need it — to deter theft and keep you and your RV safe. This Starlights Smart Light can be used as an entryway light which can prevent accidental slips and falls. The 12-volt low profile light can be mounted on any side of your RV. It automatically deactivates when daylight approaches.

One neat thing about the light is that it can distinguish between small animals and people, to keep it from turning on when the neighbor’s cat walks by. The LED bulb has a rotating head so you can aim the light up and down. The sensors turn the light on whenever there is movement within 10-12 feet of the light.

The device has a microprocessor that provides its intelligence.

A few bullet points:

  • Designed for 12-volt applications such as lighting RV entryways and camping areas. Its low profile of 2 inches allows it to be mounted on any side of the vehicle. Installation is easy. The hole pattern is the same as most standard lights. 
  • It is reverse polarity protected which means that even if you install it wrong, it won’t damage The Smart Light.
  • The Smart Light can function as a normal entryway light, but what makes it more useful is that its functions expand to include motion detection, battery low detection, and daylight automatic shut off. 
  • To enter the motion detection mode, the light switch is turned on, then off, then on again within 15 seconds. This action tells the microprocessor to start working. If the light is turned off for more then 15 seconds, it reverts to the normal light function mode.

The light is available at or PPL Motorhomes.

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4 years ago

And thus one lights up the neighbors sites, not a good choice unless you put an amber bulb/cover inside of the bright white

4 years ago

$55 ?!?!? You can add a plug-in sensor to control your existing light for $3… Holy markup, Batman!