Sunday, March 26, 2023


Lippert’s new customer service is just what the doctor ordered

Lippert is taking its customer care to a new level with a new video conferencing and photo platform that enhances communication between the customer and support staff.

The company announced on February 3 that it had launched the Visual Remote Assistant (VRA) to allow customers to speak directly to support techs by video and submit photos to facilitate understanding of a problem, order parts or request warranty service.

Lora Carleton, who oversees the implementation of the VRA, said, “The Visual Remote Assistant will revolutionize the customer service experience for Lippert customers. We’re leading our industry with this unique and highly useful technology which greatly improves the service we provide to our customers by providing new tools to communicate more thoroughly.”

The VRA operates from the browser of a smartphone, enabling a customer to show support personnel the problem they are experiencing in real-time.

“The VRA is unintrusive and works on the customers’ smartphone, allowing them to show our staff what they’re seeing in real-time,” said Lacey Ray, Project Manager in the Lippert Customer Care Center. “They can show us what the issue is instead of having to describe what they’re seeing verbally. We can point out areas on their screen and help the customer to identify the problem they’re experiencing with their RV.”

The software can also read lengthy and complex part and VIN numbers, which can be challenging for customers to read and accurately convey over the phone.

Customers contacting Lippert Customer Care will be instructed to launch and use the Visual Remote Assistant on their smartphone.



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Don H
1 month ago

I’m impressed. Now let’s see if they actually STAFF it, or you have to wait on hold for two days to get on the service…

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Interesting. Thank you, Randall!

Calvin Wing
1 month ago

That will be nice as long as they hire support staff that actually know the products and how to fix them.

1 month ago

Lippert has always provided me with great customer service. This is just icing on the cake.

1 month ago

I just had an actuator on our main slide fail at 14 months. The manufacturer (Keystone) wanted nothing to do with the issue so I called Lippert. I had pictures and part # because I had to pay a mobile tech to retract the slide so we could travel. No fuss, no hassle…they accepted the pictures and I have a new part in a week at no charge. ($700) of course now I have to have it installed. Have a YouTube video showing every step. They were polite and responsive, kinda like good customer service should be everywhere! Thanks, Lippert!

Tom H.
1 month ago

That’s awesome! It sounds like a great feature. I mean how often have you tried to describe a problem to a technician over the phone. It can be very difficult and frustrating.
I recently had a technical problem with a grill and called the company. They were able to connect to my smartphones camera and see what I was describing. It made the diagnosis simpler. My hats off to Lippert!

Bob p
1 month ago

My hats off to Lippert, it’s about time people in the RV industry started listening to customers. I have to give an attaboy to customer service at Newmar also. When we had our 38’ Mountain Aire that was 16 years old I called them 3 times about problems I had and each time I talked with a knowledgeable representative who “walked” me through the problem. The last time was simply resetting one of the 2 circuit breakers on the generator that had tripped.

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