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Local efforts find new home for abandoned RV – at the dump

A few locals in Tillamook, OR, got frustrated with an abandoned RV eyesore parked along Highway 6 and decided to do something about it. Their combined efforts succeeded in its removal to the local dump, and its final resting place, reported the Tillamook Headlight Herald.  

The crusty camper was removed from Highway 6 and taken to the dump to be destroyed. Tillamook residents Kellon Obrist and Jesse Borough spearheaded the fundraising efforts by starting a GoFundMe page to cover impounding and septic pumping costs.

“We called Burden’s and asked how much it would cost to remove it,” Obrist said. “I said I would get $1,000 to cover it and he said he would donate his time, truck and fuel if we were able to cover the other costs.”

Spreading the word about the fundraising efforts, Obrist received an abundance of support from the community. In less than a day, Obrist had raised more than $1,300 from 25 different donors.

“Literally within a half hour of driving past it, we put a post on Facebook about the fundraising and we got immediate response from people asking, ‘where can I donate? I want to help,’” Obrist said. “Within 22 hours, we had more than enough to cover it.”

After raising the necessary funds, Obrist called Burden’s and they had someone haul away the spray paint-riddled RV. Burden’s handled all the paperwork involved with the RV and Oregon State Police.

Donations for the removal ranged anywhere from $5 to $500 and Obrist said it was great to see the Tillamook County residents support the fundraising efforts. He also noted many people have reached out to him to help remove other eyesore vehicles in the county.

“Now that we’ve done one, people are wanting us to get rid of all these other abandoned vehicles,” Obrist laughed. “But it was just awesome to see a community come together in less than a day and pitch in some money to solve a problem in our county.”


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