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Los Angeles plans to increase number of RV dump stations

Recognizing the problem with human waste being dumped onto streets by recreational vehicles, the Los Angeles City Council moved forward with a plan Friday to increase the number of RV pumping facilities.

Councilman Bob Blumenfield introduced a motion last year which brought attention to the issue, noting that the 2017 Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority homeless count found 2,363 RVs on the streets of the city, reports NBC Los Angeles. But with no public facilities with RV dump stations in the San Fernando Valley and only two in the entire city, Blumenfield said his district has seen a rise in the number of incidents involving the illegal discharge of hazardous waste from RVs onto streets and sidewalks.

“This is an issue of public health,” Blumenfield said after introducing the motion in 2017. “This motion is about exploring solutions to clean our streets and make sure that the city is doing everything possible to stop illegal dumping.”

On a 10-0 vote, the City Council directed the Bureau of Sanitation to identify funding of $150,000 from the general fund for construction costs for two permanent city RV disposal stations to be located at two city maintenance yards in the San Fernando Valley, and to identify funding of $50,000 for two maintenance workers.

The council also directed the Bureau of Sanitation to continue searching citywide for one or two additional sites to be used as city RV disposal stations, and to establish a $26,000 voucher program with four private RV disposal stations for individuals living in RVs who are enrolled in services for housing placement.

The program would cover the cost of 20 RVs per week for a year, according to a report from the Bureau of Sanitation.


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Dr4Film ----- Richard
3 years ago

Bogus information in regards to not having any RV dump station available in the San Fernando Valley area. I have used two, one at Benchmark RV and another at Metro RV both which are in San Fernando Valley.

Bob Difley
3 years ago

Richard – The news article refers to municipal dump stations paid for and operated by the Department of Sanitation and paid for by taxpayers, not dump stations owned by privately owned companies.

3 years ago

… and of course these homeless RVer’s dumping illegally have the extra $$ (and inclination) to DRIVE to one of TWO dump stations. 20 dumps per week and there are 23,000+ RV’s on the streets … do the math …

Not to mention, the 20 dumps happen on the first day of each week … the other 6 days all others arriving to dump will be turned away … guess where THEY are going to dump ?? Wish it would be in the politicians’ front yards and driveways !!

Our politicians are pure MORONS and without a doubt, Corruption Profit Centers !!

3 years ago

$26 k per year will provide 20 rv dumps per week for a year? 26,000 / (20 X 52 weeks) = $25 per dump. This is the kind of government spending that put those people living in their RVs out of a home in the first place. I’m all for more dumps, but somebody’s got their finger in the profit pie there.

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