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Loud, unruly campers given the boot in New York state

Don’t you wish this happened more often? Forest Rangers for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation evicted and issued tickets to partying, unruly and irresponsible campers in three campgrounds over the Labor Day weekend, reports


Town of Rockland
Sullivan County
“On Aug. 31 at approximately 10:15 p.m., DEC Mongaup Pond Campground staff contacted DEC’s Central Dispatch about a loud, unruly group that would not comply with campground staff. New York State Police were notified and quieted down the group. At the request of the campground caretaker, Forest Rangers responded the next morning and evicted the campers. Summonses were issued for failure to obey campground staff, failure to keep a neat, clean and sanitary campsite, failure to obey quiet hours, and cutting down trees on state land.”

Towns of Warrensburg and Fort Ann
Warren and Washington County
“Warren County Department of Health advised DEC of a dog bite that occurred at the Hudson River Recreation Area in the Lake George Wild Forest. On Aug. 31, a Forest Ranger following up on the complaint interviewed a group of three subjects with several dogs at their campsite. From information obtained from the complaint and observations at the site, the group was ticketed for allowing dogs to run freely on lands inhabited by deer. The group was evicted from the site for camping longer than permitted. The same group was encountered the next day by a different Forest Ranger at the Shelving Rock area of the Lake George Wild Forest and was evicted for camping without a permit.”

Town of Inlet
Hamilton County
“On Sept. 1, staff at Limekiln Campground received multiple complaints from campers about a loud party, arguments with profanity, and unsafe vehicle operation in the early morning hours. Forest Rangers arrived and interviewed complainants and other campers from adjacent sites. The occupants of the offending site were awakened by Rangers and interviewed. The offending campers admitted to being loud and using profanity in the overnight hours. Forest Rangers issued an eviction notice and tickets were issued for failure to observe quiet hours in the campsite.” 


  1. If you chose to get loud and party, then do it in a area away from other campers. Some people usually the younger crowd, think once they are in a camping environment, it is time to get loud, crank the music, bring out the beer and party. They have a total disregard others that may be near by. Perhaps this is a good reason to stay in RV Parks where this type of conduct is not tolerated. Hats off to the Rangers who dealt out the fines and put a stop to these hooligans.

  2. I guess we were fortunate in our stays in New York State last year . Although they need dog papers as to vaccination & certain areas for dogs . We had a positive experience there.

    Although we were there in late September/October when things are calmer.

  3. I applaud these rangers doing what they are supposed to, but it hasn’t been typical of my experiences in N.Y. parks. In parks i visited last summer, i had rangers who:

    – cut the threads off every water faucet to prevent using hoses to fill your trailer tank. They seriously expected you to use a bucket and funnel 50 times.

    – walked the park 10 minutes before generator hours started and stopped, citation book in hand if you started a minute early or didn’t shut down !!immediately!! at the mark. He wasnt kidding, since neighbors got tickets.

    – interpreted “dog site” as allowing dogs on your site, but not walking on the road at all.

    I’m all for reasonable courtesy, but the above conduct makes NY one of the least friendly state’s parks I’ve visited. In national parks the rangers are reliably courteous to a fault, so its quite the contrast…


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