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How to make difficult RV beds

NOTE FROM EDITOR: We came across this reader question in our archives, and thought it would be good to bring it up again. We expect many readers have the same problem. Your responses are welcome (actually, encouraged).

Dear editor,
We have a Hi-Lo Classic travel trailer. It has a three-cushion sofa and large drop-down dining table. We put a mattress on top of the cushions, which is very comfortable. My problem is making the bed — it’s a back killer! The mattress lays against three fixed walls and I have only the one side facing the living area of the trailer available. We just can’t figure a good way to make this bed. Any ideas? —Brenda B.

Dear Brenda,
Those of us who have Class C motorhomes with the beds over the cab have a similar problem. Let’s see if readers have ideas of ways to ease this burdensome task.


Lucky about your RV bed
Those of you like Brenda are lucky to have one side of the bed accessible. The bed in our 23-foot Class C is trapped on three sides by walls and about a third of the foot end by a wardrobe. I’m almost certain that the mattress was installed at the factory before the rest of the interior. Obviously the designer never had to make the bed. We have added a mattress cover duct taped on the bottom for a snug fit (half a day of grueling labor). Over that is a fitted sheet hemmed to fit tightly and top sheet and blanket. My hand is too big to tuck in the bedding without pulling it out again when I withdraw it. The trick I found is to push a large plastic spatula down the sides of the mattress. I won’t tuck the bedding completely in but the “V” fold along the edges is not objectionable – and it saves a lot of backache. —John in Los Angeles

Get on the bed
I find that getting on the bed and then making it from the bottom to the top works best. It helps to remove your shoes first. —Shoeless in Wyoming

Editor’s note: Another option? The RVSuperbag. This works like magic to easily make your RV’s bed. Read our review.

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Odie 370
13 days ago

I call my method “3-halves”. I make the bottom half, crawl on it and make the top half, and then crawl off and remake (straighten) the bottom half.

Mark W
13 days ago

So, you think making up a corner bed on the Class C is difficult? How about making up the bed on a Class B motorhome?

Here’s what we do…..

Our bed also doubles as our rear sofa in the van, so, we have a lounge in the back during the day and we make up the bed every night.

We have a queen size mattress topper and we pinned the sheets to the mattress topper and every night we unroll the topper right on top of the sofa bed and put blankets on top and we’re ready to sleep….

Every morning we just fold up the blankets and roll-up the mattress topper and store it in one of the upper cabinets. It takes maybe 5 or 7 minutes to set it up or put everything away..

How long does it take you to make up the corner bed?

16 days ago

I have a Class C with a corner bed. I have to be in the bed to make the bed! I do it very first thing because I don’t want to be crawling around on my sheets with my daytime clothes on. So it gets done early and I don’t have to think about it again for 24 hrs. I added elastic corners to the bottom of the top sheet which works very well. While I’m not in love with how I have to make my bed, it’s a small price to pay. I guess I could forget about making the bed and just throw the covers over the sheets but that wouldn’t work for me… it’s a small space & I need things picked up & put away. I love traveling in my MH !!

Gordon den Otter
16 days ago

We use a thinner duvet in a duvet cover, that is about 60”x80” on the bottom, and another, larger duvet on top. Nothing to tuck in. Saves us a lot of time and pain.

16 days ago

I pull the mattress down about 16 inches and then make my side first and the wife’s side second. Saves trips around the bed that way then push it back into place all tucked in.

Neal Davis
16 days ago

Yikes! Because I have much longer arms than DW (I also am 13 inches taller), I make the bed when we travel. Thankfully, I can reach three of the four sides. I drag the mattress slightly off the end of the frame to put on the fitted sheet. Pushing the mattress back into place ensures a snug fit at the head of the bed. Between access and longish arms, making the rest of the bed is relatively easy.

16 days ago

In the past I’ve taken out the big thick stiff ‘residential’ mattress one maker installed, too unwieldy, replaced it with a more flexible foam one.

Current rig came with a thin cheesy mattress, so it got topped with a 2″ thick gel foam topper. Lately I just put the fitted sheet on that, it’s easy to lift up and fit the corners.

Patti Panuccio
16 days ago

I grew up in a Fla tourist court and my first job was helping my adopted mother who was born without legs make the beds, I learned by watching as she got in the middle of the bed and started on one corner, and by the time she finished it was just as tight as a hospital bed. Of course, I learned a lot more than just making beds from this remarkable woman.

16 days ago

In our Class C, we used sleeping bags on the twin beds and folded them up when not in use.

Jim Johnson
16 days ago

Cheap RV mattresses (which most of us replace), bend easily. Whereas a quality mattress does not. I make our short king bed from the top down to the open foot. Really the only piece that is any effort are the fitted pieces as you need to lift the mattress while you are on top. Deep pockets and tucking any extra at the bottom makes a difference.

T. Wright
16 days ago

Our bed alcove is similar to the one pictured with the article. We lay a vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing across the wooden base under the mattress. The tablecloth underneath makes it easier to slide the mattress down off the base enough to provide more access to change the bedding. Simply slide the mattress back in place when finished.

Betty Studzinski
16 days ago

I have the BEDDY which is about the same as the rv Superbad and I love it.

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