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Make your powerful 50-amp service safer with SmartPlug


SmartPlug 50-amp kit

By Bob Difley

So you have a big box filled with power-hungry appliances like microwaves, lots of bright lights, and a couple of air conditioners and you know how to use ’em. You also know that it takes 50 amps to run them – and that’s a lot of power. But that much power can also overheat connectors and inlets, and potentially cause a fire – and that’s a NO NO big-time.

However, SmartPlug Systems overcomes the inadequacies of traditional twist-type plugs with its 50-amp 125/250-volt Connector & Inlet Combo Kit (B50ASSY). The innovative SmartPlug provides many times the metal contact than twist-type plugs for maximum electrical transfer, while minimizing resistance and overheating. It’s Intertek ETL listed and certified to UL standards.

SmartPlug’s asymmetrical design pushes straight in and automatically aligns the plug with the inlet, making it easier to use. A multi-point locking system ensures it stays securely attached to the weatherproof inlet for maximum performance and safety.

The system installs in minutes using common household tools. All of SmartPlug’s inlet mounting holes match RV industry standards. It’s available in white, grey or black flame-resistant custom polycarbonate alloy, or marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Learn more on the SmartPlug website. You can find the SmartPlug on Amazon.

Information obtained from press release.

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