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Here are some ways RVers are making money on the road. You can do these too!

It used to be that the majority of RVers were retired folks. Not anymore! If COVID taught us anything, it’s that many jobs can be done remotely. That means people are no longer tied to the company’s office chair. You can say “goodbye” to the work cubicle and irksome daily commute and hit the road.

“Well,” you may be thinking, “I don’t have the skills to make a work-from-home job work for me.” Think again! Here are just a few of the jobs I’ve seen others do as I’ve traveled. One of the jobs might be a perfect fit for you. Or perhaps one of the jobs will spark a new idea of your own.

Take a look:
(Note: Some jobs may require permission from the campground manager.)

  • Auto repair and/or detailing — If you have mechanical abilities, you can offer to change oil or perform other maintenance jobs on trucks and cars in your RV campground or nearby town.
  • Bake and sell — Who wouldn’t give a buck or two for some fresh, homemade cookies, coffee cake, or cinnamon rolls? Ask the campground manager if you can sell them from the campground store. Or ask the local farmer’s market if you can set up a table for your products.
  • Grow and sell — Got a green thumb? Use it to make some money. Sell vegetable seedlings or house plants to others in the campground or in a nearby town.
  • Handyman/woman — Skilled at fixing things? Get permission to post your skills on your campground’s and/or local community bulletin board.
  • Continue a previous profession — If you were once a web designer, teacher, nurse, waiter, hairstylist/barber, etc., see if you can fill in at nearby local businesses on a temp basis.
  • Give lessons — If you are adept at fishing, sewing, archery, singing, RV maintenance, makeup application, etc., consider giving lessons to others. With more and more families joining the RV crowd, they may welcome these lessons for their kiddos, or even decide to take lessons themselves.
  • RV maintenance — Offer to wash or service other RVs in the park. (Check first with campground management.)
  • Pet-sit or walk — Many RVers travel with their furry friends. Offer to walk their dogs or watch their animals while owners take day trips that are not suitable for pets.
  • Make and sell crafts — Check out online sites like Etsy and others where you can sell your handmade treasures.
  • Check online. — Simply Google “How to make money from home.” You’ll find lots of ideas!
  • Campground host — If you are outgoing and friendly, this may be the job for you. You’ll greet other campers and help them get set up. Every campground has their own specific requirements, but it’s worth investigating.
  • Campground maintenance — My hubby and I worked to put new siding on the cabins in a Florida campground last winter. Other campers assisted with lawn maintenance (mowing, spraying for weeds/ants, and more). Ask the campground manager how you can help.

Still not sure what you want to do? Take a drive through the nearest town. You’ll probably see several “Help Wanted” signs. Many places are hiring right now!

Consider stopping by to gather more information. With the current need for workers, you might be able to set your own schedule. Who knows? You just might find the perfect job for you!



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1 year ago

I bake our bread and have often thought about selling it to other campers. My oven is so small I would have to take orders. We are already workamping so some of our gigs would not leave me time for another job. I will keep it in the back of my mind.

Debbie Nauta
1 year ago

Regarding the article about “finding extra space in your RV,” I’ve found that you can store placemats, napkins, silverware in chairs, that have a flip top and are hidden out of sight until ready to use. This can also be used for craft items, card games, etc.

Gary Broughton
1 year ago

Retired in 96 and we went to Alaska in 97 then started working in a campground in Jackson, Wy., for money and site. Worked there for several summers and toured the parks. Worked at Bar J Chuckwagon, wife in registration and I maintenance and choo choo driver for several summers and drove a whitewater bus one year. Wife had a good job. Our retirement sat in bank all summers.
We traveled around but ended up in AZ for most of winter. Made 4 trips to Alaska and met and friended many people in 25 years, now living in TN where our sons family live but still have a trailer we get out in.

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