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Man buys motorhome. Writes check. Drives off lot. Check bounces.

When 59-year-old Robert Schneider wrote out his check to Lazy Days RV in Seffner, Florida, for $246,445.51 for a 2014 Winnebago motorhome, we’ll bet it put a smile on the salesman’s face. And probably Robert Schneider’s also, when he drove off the lot in his new free motorhome. Yes, free, because it seems the check was worthless, reports WFTS.

Detectives are searching for Mr. Schneider, if in fact, that is his real name.

Pictures of the same model as the stolen motorhome were provided to detectives; however, these pictures are not the actual stolen motorhome, which has not been located.

A warrant was issued for Schneider’s arrest Thursday for first-degree grand theft. Detectives have followed leads and checked numerous campgrounds in an attempt to find the stolen motorhome, which was last reported in Hollywood, Fla.

Anyone who locates the motorhome or Schneider should contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at 813-247-8200.



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Sharon B
4 years ago

It is inconceivable that a check for any amount would not be verified. What a dumb company.

4 years ago

Well, bad actions should never be praised however, it is intriguing that this guy was clever enough to pull-off this scam! It is hard to believe that a large successful dealership could be duped this easily. There has to be more to the story that the public doesn’t know!

Joanne Tiki
4 years ago

Heck, I bought a used car from a dealership for far less than this guy paid for the RV and they still took the time to call the bank and verify I had the funds to cover the full purchase. Not contacting the bank for a check of that size is just plain lazy.

Mike B.
4 years ago

A check is a promissory note. It’s basically worthless. Can’t believe anyone still accepts them especially for such an expense. Bet that sales manager isn’t working at that RV dealer anymore.

4 years ago

What a great man bites dog story!
Customer rips off RV dealership instead of the usual delership rips off cusomer! lol

4 years ago
Reply to  Andrew

Yes, that is a switch. LOL

4 years ago

The Amazement in this Story is NOT FEELING Sorry for the Dealer at all!

Why would they turn over the keys to such an expensive motor home, without verifying with the Bank the check was drawn on?

A simple phone call would have solved this and probably prevented the sale and loss of this expensive Motor Home! And if the purchase was made on the weekend, when banks are closed, this guy should have been told to come back on Monday, when the banks are open.


4 years ago

This happened on June 26th per the story on WKRG.COM. Wonder why it’s taken this long to file charges? Sounds like the dealership screwed up several times here. Cold case now and they’re just upping the anty to cast a wider net in the press.

4 years ago

as bad as some dealers are. am i suposed to feel bad for them???

but yes does the crook needs to go to prison? so the tax payers ( us ), can support him.

Dr4Film ----- Richard
4 years ago

I guess the Sales Training Staff at Lazy Days Seffner FL will be back hard at work teaching their sales staff how to verify funds even with “certified” checks. SMH

4 years ago

Dealerships don’t trust their salesmen with money. Would you? No, the finance person takes the hit on this one.

4 years ago

You would think the dealership would have the good sense to verify funds before letting the motorhome leave their lot.

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