Man selling firewood in campground shoots customer

    Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

    A man who went to a Decatur County, Tennessee, campground to sell firewood shot and killed his customer on Sunday evening. Investigators have arrested the man and charged him with first-degree murder at the Beech Bend Park campground in Decaturville, reports WSMV.

    According to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Jimmy Kevin Medlin is accused of firing six shots at Jerrell Barber; at least three of the shots hit Barber and killed him.

    The Sheriff’s Office says Barber had been living on the campground for a couple of weeks and had gotten into a previous altercation with a couple who was also living there. Medlin was a friend of the couple and came to the campground to sell Barber some firewood. It was then investigators say the shooting occurred.

    Medlin is being held without bond.

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    Armani sanders

    The article has almost everything wrong…it is in Tennessee.
    1. Jerell Barber was selling wood
    2. Jerell is from perry county
    3. Kevin medlin had been at beech bend park…in tennessee for about 2 or 3 months
    4. Kevin got into it with the couple earlier and threatened to shoot them and all their friends
    5 Jerell was totally innocent
    6 Jerell had never spoke to kevin medlin
    7 it was senseless and uncalled for
    8 kevin shot Jerell and Jerell was talking to him with his arms open to show that he had no weapon
    9 kevin medlin too a honest,innocent man’s life. Why? Idk…but he did


    Your lack of reading comprehension also indicates your comprehension and factual incorrectness on Texas statistics on it’s gun laws


    He’s only 5’4″. I guess having a gun was how he compensated.

    marty chambers

    Where else but Texas would a fire wood sale would explode into gun violence. This is the dark side of lax gun laws, murdering for the dumbest reasons.