Man severely burned when trying to build campfire



    A man attempting to build a campfire in an eastern Ohio campground was severely burned, and emergency crews responded quickly late Saturday afternoon, reported The Columbus Dispatch.

    The man suffered third-degree burns, and he was evacuated by a helicopter ambulance crew. The helicopter, which arrived at the campground at 5:47 p.m., later landed at the Cambridge Municipal Airport, but it was not known to which hospital the man was ultimately transported.

    The initial 911 call reported that the man fell into a fire pit. However, the victim’s wife told deputies the man had poured gasoline on the campfire and the flames flashed back on him, Guernsey County Sheriff Jeff Paden said.

    Guernsey County Sheriff’s deputies were continuing to investigate the incident.

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    Charcoal lighter fluid is inexpensive, not that combustive, and comes in an easy-pour container….and is available everywhere.

    Wolfe Rose

    I use gasoline to start wet wood all the time, dispensed by a super-stoichiometric squeeze bottle. You don’t use an open container, use more than a shot at a time, splash yourself, or let the (surprisingly slow) flame backtrack. Never gotten close to blowing myself up, because I don’t dump a quart into an active fire and stand in the mushroom cloud.

    I also use an LP soldering torch as a lighter, so maybe I’m just impatient…lol.


    Ya can’t fix stoopid.

    Jeffrey Torsrud

    What a FRICKING MORON! Really??? Pouring Gasoline on a Fire? There are other appropriate adjectives to describe this Guy, but Moron fits best for now! GEEEESHHHH!