Man sought when firearms, body armor, found in fifth wheel trailer


    After discovering weapons, body armor and silencers in a fifth wheel trailer upon responding to a disturbance Thursday night in the 200 block of Refuge Avenue in Palermo, Calif., Butte County Sheriff’s Deputies said they are searching for Anthony Hatcher, age 44, who lived in the trailer, reports Action News Now.

    But when deputies responded, Hatcher was no longer there. A search warrant was obtained and served on an adjacent property where a Mac 10 and an AK-47 were located. In addition to the assault weapons, there were 18 other firearms seized from the trailer and a boat that was also on the property. Two of the firearms had been reported as stolen.

    Investigators and deputies are now actively searching for Hatcher, whom they consider armed and dangerous. Anyone with information about Hatcher’s location is asked to call 9-1-1 and make a report.

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    It is illegal to own,shoot,any weapon if you are a felon. It remains that way as long as you hold the title of “felon”. This picture shown might indicate the photo was taken at booking time. He doesn’t seem happy looking into the camera does he?


    It’s not illegal, But, if the weapons were visible thru a Window or something to that effect or if this guy has a Criminal History, the Warrant would be justified!

    Chances are this guy has a Criminal History and Background, looks to me that is a MUG SHOT of the suspect!

    I am a STAUNCH SECOND AMENDMENT ADVOCATE, except where Criminals are involved!


    What was the basis for the search warrant? Since when is it illegal to own rifles?