Message to Members, Dec. 1, 2018

From editor Chuck Woodbury

Dear Members,

We sent out an email yesterday just to you, our members, not our other subscribers. Alas, it was confusing to many who received it. We over-complicated what we wanted to say.

Please accept my apologies for the confusion.

I will try very quickly here to sum up what we said and what it means.

First, if you received the email, you are a member. There is nothing you must do right now to remain one. If you are a member but did not receive the email please let me know at

We have big plans for our members and that means we need a new, far better way to stay in touch and offer special services. The system we set up originally was barebones — too basic for us to serve you to the degree we wished.

We were forced to start over or lose control. I know many of you were disappointed you never received a thank you letter for your donation. To me, that was inexcusable; our new system will never allow that to happen again.

Making the changes to serve you properly meant that each current member needed a unique log in and password to gain access to special Members-Only Content and services.

As I replied to one angry member who wrote, we are a small business with four actual employees. Many others are involved significantly, but on a freelance basis. We do our best, but we’re not a big operation with an army of tech people. We worked hard for months building the new website and I’m proud of the results. There are bugs, we know, that we must work out. We’ll be busy this weekend with our cyber wrenches.

So, for now, please accept my apologies for the confusion over yesterday’s email. This is a frustrating, stressful bump in the road for us: Confusing or angering our most loyal readers is the last thing we ever want to do.

More is explained below. If you wish to be included immediately in our new system, please go through the simple registration process at using the same email address you used to voluntarily subscribe. You’ll be all set. But if you do not want to do anything now, that’s okay. We’ll catch up later.

Again, we appreciate your support very much. You are making all sorts of projects possible. There is no other RV consumer website that can dare speak as honestly as we can to help the RVing community. And that, to a huge degree, is because of your financial support. Thank you.


Chuck Woodbury
+Emily, Diane, Jess, Kim, Russ and a dozen part-timers.

If you are confused or want some help, please email us at . We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Here is most of what we emailed to our members on Friday.

* * *
A message to members

Q. I have made a donation to before and my username and password don’t work. What am I doing wrong?
A. Nothing! Our online donations were previously collected and processed using an outside, secure payment processing network. Currently there is no way for us to transfer this information because it’s housed in a secure system. The only contact information we can access is your email address. If you choose to set up an account with us on our new website you can do so here: . As long as you use the same email that you used to make your donation we will be able to verify your account and your member status will be set for the future.

Q. Will this new system affect my current reoccurring payments?
A. No, we wanted to make this transition easy for everyone so your payments will still be handled the way they were before, requiring no change for you.

Q. What about this members-only content I’ve been hearing about?
A. We have an email list for our members. As long as we have your email you will have access to that content. We will work steadily to get every member integrated into the new system to service them better, but it will be a process.

Q. What if I make a donation now on the new website?
A. Any new donations will automatically create your account and you have the ability to set up your user name and password. You will also be added to the paid donors member email list to be notified when there is special members only content. You will also have access to the forums.