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Mexican border crossing basics

By Rene Agredano

Agua Prieta border crossing. Photo by LiveWorkDream.comVisit any of the popular RVing discussion forums like Mexico Forums and you’ll find that Mexico is still a popular destination for adventurous RVers. If you’re thinking about traveling through Mexico with your RV here are some preliminary steps to ensure a smooth border crossing.

Tourist Entry Requirements
Are you planning to visit Mexico for cheap prescriptions or dental work? Tourists who enter the country by foot or by car and stay within 20 miles of the Mexican border for less than 72 hours do not need a visa or vehicle permit. However every temporary tourist over the age of 16 needs a U.S. Passport or less expensive (but more restrictive) Passport Card, while children need an official copy of their birth certificate or naturalization paperwork. If you’re staying longer than three days you will need these documents along with a tourist permit that allows stays up to 180 days. Tourist permits are available through Mexican consulates in the U.S. or at an immigration office on the border.

Vehicle Entry Requirements
RVers who drive into Mexico must obtain a temporary vehicle import permit and pay a refundable deposit based on the age and type of your vehicle. If your vehicle is leased you must provide a notarized permission slip (preferably in Spanish) that allows you to bring the vehicle into Mexico. Permits can be purchased online here, at a Mexican consulate office or after crossing the border. Purchasing Mexican auto insurance is strongly advised. Vehicle permits must be surrendered upon exiting the country.

Whether you obtain your permits ahead of time or at the border, always have two copies of every official document. Do your trip pre-planning by visiting reputable travel sites such as Mexico Mike and you’re sure to have a safe, fun adventure

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