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Millennials choose smaller trailers over larger traditional RVs

Millennials don’t look at RVing the same way their parents did when they retired to massive, feature-rich, motorhomes and fifth-wheel trailers. These young adults instead are embracing a new, hip wave of travel trailers, setting themselves apart from the stereotypes of legions of families and retirees and their more traditional RVs. These fashion-forward trailers are aimed directly at design-conscious millennials, USA Today reports.

From small, app-connected campers with retractable flat-screen TVs to solar-powered cabins on wheels, young adults can find an influx of innovative travel trailers geared specifically toward their interests.

“We have been targeting the millennials over the past few years in an effort to help them understand how RVs fit with what they already enjoy doing and that RVs aren’t the stereotypical vehicle they might imagine … and it’s working,” said Karen Redfern, a vice president for Go RVing, an industry promotion group.

The smaller trailers are in keeping with the small-home movement that has also been proving popular among millennials. But the trailers, unlike the homes, are made for people who want to stay on the move rather than settling in one place. And because they are small, they don’t need big pickups or other full-size, thirsty vehicles to pull them.

Like every generation before, millennials enjoy the outdoors. However, technology plays a big role in how the young adults access vital travel information.

“The millennial generation is probably the most mobile generation that the world has ever seen,” said Kevin Broom, Go RVing’s director of media relations.

“They want to be able to share their experiences using social media. They want to find the best restaurants in the area. They want to know what interesting spots are off the beaten path. All that stuff is on the internet, so they need updated RVs that have that type of connectivity,” Broom said.




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4 years ago

Millennials can’t afford big RV’s any more than we could when we were their age. Back then, we all camped in tents.

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