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Mini stick-on button lamps are perfect for RV’s dark spaces

I had seen these mini stick-on LED button battery lamps advertised here on for a while before I decided to try them. Even with all the overhead lights on in the RV, it was hard to see into the cabinets, particularly when trying to read the temperature on thermostats, battery charge rate and even to choose what cap of the day to wear.

When we are boondocking I conserve as much power as possible. Hitting the light switch that turns on 12 lights at once just so I can see in a cabinet is not my first choice to preserve power. I finally got tired of finding a small flashlight to see in the dark cabinet. So I decided to try these mini stick-on button lamps.

Wow! I can now light up the cabinet with our thermostats, and the cabinet that has the battery, solar power and inverter monitors in. I can even check the power monitor without lighting up the whole motorhome or getting out a flashlight. And, about finding a cap of the day, well, it looks like we need far fewer caps to sort through…

These mini stick-on lamps can also be used outside. So if you need to get under the hood of the truck or RV in the dark, stick these on and get the job done!

I even replaced a couple of the heavier battery tap lights. Despite using Velcro and adhesive, they would fall down on particularly bumpy roads.

You can get your own 6-pack of these button lamps here for less than $10. They are worth it!



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Roger Christianson
1 year ago

Great idea so I purchased some of these and found that 3 of 6 would not light without precise manipulation of the switch, and when it did light as soon as you took your hand away it turned off. Seller never responded to my emails.

1 year ago

I like the little light idea and will buy some, but….I am wondering why there are thermostats in the cabinet? Unless they have remote bulbs to sense the temperature, they would give very wide readings and operation, cycling from very hot to very cold.

Elaine Behrendt
1 year ago

I purchased these and they did not work as hoped. I then purchased the little bars of lites. they are wonderful! have them at home in my deep dark kitchen cabinets..Very bright!

David Telenko
1 year ago

They seem very useful, but with a switch the first time you forget to turn them off & close the door, the next time the battery will be dead. I looked at these & decided to use the motion detection ones, they work very well. I have them in all of my overhead cabinets. They cost more especially with 4 batteries, but overall they are well worth the price! I’m sure either one has its uses!

1 year ago
Reply to  David Telenko

To each their own, but I like to do things for myself. I will turn the light on/off. I would rather pull/push open a door instead of using the ‘handicap’ switch. I will walk up/down the stairs beside the escalator. I do not like ‘autocorrect’ on my electronics and I will not allow them to save my passwords, I will enter them every time needed (helps the brain too!). Why do people need an autonomous vehicle?
Unless needed, the world is becoming soooo reliant on someone/thing doing things for them.

1 month ago
Reply to  WEB

To each their own: The object of those lights in the overhead cabinets were so my wife could actually see in them as the 14 overhead LED lights are USELESS as they don’t let light in the cabinets, totally useless for looking into cabinets. Just thought you should know the problem!

Bob p
1 year ago

I’m glad to see someone test these as I too have seen them advertised but wondered if they were just another Chinese piece of junk. Thank you!

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