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Weird RV moment: Baboons sit on our RV, pooping, tearing off wipers


From reader Kelly R.
I think it was in Texas that we drove thru a wildlife park. We were in our 1963 VW Westfalia van. It had double side doors and the windows had tie-dyed curtains. We had a roof rack on top.

When we last closed the side doors a bit of curtain had evidently been left sticking out. When we drove thru the baboon section, other cars seemed to have no problems, but we must have looked like a jungle gym, as our van was quickly covered with baboons, hanging off the roof rack and mirrors, and tearing off the windshield wipers. I had mounted the spare tire on the front of the van, so sitting right there in front of us was a colorful baboon butt right there in our faces.

Our amusement did not last long

Noisy little creatures! In looking all around, my wife noticed a problem with a curtain. She was soon in the back of the van doing tug of war with a baboon pulling on the curtain from the outside. Somehow when we left the baboon section they stayed in their area, so we drove on with baboon poop running down the windshield and other windows.

Once out of the animal area of the park we went to the office/gift house and told the management of our experience. They allowed us to park out back and use their garden hose to give the van a good hosing down. The roof rack survived but the top of the van was also covered in poop. We went on our way with a, later, laughable experience.

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Bob p
2 months ago

They may have a disdain for German vehicles, lol.

Bob p
2 months ago

Youre lucky it wasn’t elephants!

2 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

I guess in the elephant / rhino section of the park, they could have decided to put their head down and turn us over. That faded green van was about the size and color of an elephant. lol

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