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Baby and kids’ sleeping “bags” brilliant solution for camping


By Tony Barthel
If you ever doubt Americans’ ingenuity, just follow my gadget column here on RV Travel. I’ve talked to a number of inventors right here in America who have created some slick stuff that makes camping and RVing more enjoyable. Morrison Outdoors is just such a company with their baby and kids’ sleeping “bags.”

The company was started by founder Tavis Malcolm. He really enjoyed camping and hiking a lot and thought his new baby, Morrison, should be able to go along. But after looking for a sleeping bag for the tyke, he decided to make one himself. 

After many tests and patterns and trials, he came up with a kids’ sleeping bag that is ideal for Morrison. Next, he needed to test it.

The requirements for the bag included the fact that it had to keep the little guy warm down to 20° F. It also had to be easy to carry, and provide a safe sleeping solution. As such, the design that worked the best for the kids’ sleeping “bags” was put out on Kickstarter. As a result, today we have the Morrison Outdoors Little Mo 20° down baby sleeping bag. 

The baby sleeping “bags” make changing diapers easy

The bag is designed to not only keep the little ones warm, but also features a reverse zipper. This way, you can zip up from the bottom to enable the changing of diapers. 

The bag is pretty simple – it has two arms and a triangular shape so a baby can kick their feet. You can fold the arms like a swaddling blanket and baby stays snug as a bug in a rug. 

The bag is filled with RDS-certified white duck down and the shell is 100% ripstop nylon. Overall weight is just 9 oz., so it’s a good size to bring along in the RV.

What Tavis found in a test was that the interior of the bag was a very comfortable 72° even when the outside temps were sub-freezing. Success! 

These kids’ sleeping “bags” can be traded in

Furthermore, the Kickstarter project was also a success. Now you can support Tavis and his family while keeping your own wee ones warm at places like REI or right on the company’s website. The product got a “Best In Show” award by GearJunkie at the Oregon + Snow Show in 2020. It was also a finalist in the Innovation Awards for the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards, and is a favorite in kids’ gear, according to REI. 

There was such a warm reception (darn right that pun was intended!) for these that the company expanded into a larger size for little adventurers 2-4 years old as well. They even have a trade-in program. You can trade your Little Mo in for a Big Mo as your own little outdoors enthusiast grows. 

I’m someone who displaces a lot of water in the pool and don’t have any wee ones in my own life, but the awards and warm reception the product has gotten tells a lot of the story to me. Plus, I love rewarding Americans who have persevered and created a new something. So if there’s a miniature mountaineer or a backpack baby in your world, here’s a way to keep them warm and comfortable while you venture into places that are none of those things. 

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1 year ago

Sorry to be mean but are these a package deal with the Cooking Disk? 😀 

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Drew

Probably not, Drew. That’s why they’re separate articles and links. 😆 —Diane at

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