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Use MORryde X-Brace Stabilizers to prevent your RV from moving or wobbling when parked

A common concern I hear from my customers is in regards to the movement of their unit when in a parked position. Whether it’s the movement from someone walking inside the unit or from strong winds, there are many consumers who can benefit from a stabilizer. MORryde offers three different options in their X-Brace line of stabilizers.

5th Wheel Stabilizer

The X-Brace 5th Wheel Stabilizer is a cross member that connects the trailer frame to the landing gear or leveling jacks, creating a more stable foundation.

This stabilizer offers the following features:

  • Stable camping experience
  • Simple install
  • Easy adjustments
  • Provides exceptional stability
  • Remains in place during travel—no removal needed

Please note: This is compatible with electric levelers ONLY.

Scissor Jack Stabilizer

The X-Brace Scissor Jack Stabilizer consists of a steel cross member that connects the frame of the trailer to a set of scissor jacks, creating a more stable foundation. Like the 5th wheel stabilizer, when not in use the X-Brace folds up neatly against the frame of the trailer, taking up minimal space.

This stabilizer offers the following features:

  • Provides exceptional stability
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for front and rear scissor jacks on travel trailers
  • Works on 5th wheel scissor jacks
  • Simple bolt on installation
  • Remains in place during travel—no removal needed

Hitch Mount Stabilizer

The X-Brace Hitch Mount Stabilizer offers stability to any vehicle with a 2″ hitch receiver.

This stabilizer offers the following features:

  • Securely attaches to a 2″ hitch receiver
  • Provides stability
  • Easy set up
  • Ratchet tensioning design for extra security

As mentioned in the video, should you have a 2-1/2″ hitch receiver, you can utilize a reducer sleeve.

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24 days ago

Interesting but what I’d like to know is how you stop a Class A from wobbling when someone walks through. Besides re-leveling all the time or purchasing new levelers for a lot of money. Seems I’m not the only one wondering.

Caren Kelly
24 days ago

What about for the Class A? I feel the bus rock every-time my hubby moves front or back or side to side. Stabilizer jacks are down and we have X brace stabilizer in the rear but still movement. Any other ideas?

Don H
24 days ago

It’s worth mentioning that while any of these may provide some reduction of lateral movement (side-to-side) none of them will do anything about fore and aft movement of the trailer. Also – the hitch-mount stabilizer will do nothing at all for your trailer, as the hitch receiver is on the truck, not the trailer…

Jim Johnson
24 days ago
Reply to  Don H

A lot of RVs have a 2″ receiver on the rear – typically not for towing but for mounting a bike rack, or if the bumper is reinforced, for a cargo basket.

That said, I fully agree with your statement about stabilizing in only one dimension. Especially for the MORryde scissor jack stabilizer, you are adding stabilization in the plane where the jacks are already their strongest (side to side), but none where they are weakest (front to back). And the hitch mount is the same, only one dimension, and further all the twisting torque is applied to a single point which in my mind could damage the receiver.

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