Most RVers use additives in their RV holding tanks


chemicals-746In a past issue of the newsletter we asked readers if they used chemicals in their RV holding tanks. Perhaps we should have used the word “additives” instead, but the results would have likely been the same.

Here are their responses. As you can see, most RVers do use some sort of chemical/additive, although many use “biodegradable solutions.” Many of the readers who left comments who do NOT use additives reported they dump often and so have no need for them.


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that”s good to know.I’m going to try it thanks


When I answered that question, I indicated “no, never” which is partially true. At the suggestion of a fellow RVer on facebook, we now use yeast in our black tank and have not had odors at all since. Two tablespoons with about a quart or so of water after each emptying does the trick!