Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Motion-proof putty keeps stuff in place while traveling


It’s logical that in a moving recreation vehicle table lamps, bookends, and other free-standing items either need to be attached to something (like a wall) or must be put away somewhere secure before driving off.

No more. Rock-and-Roll Motion-Proof Putty can put a stop to all your stuff that wants to fly around the RV’s interior like over-zealous satellites when you venture out on the open road.

The putty will stick to your lamps, vases, radios, and more to keep them in place from the rocking and rolling. It is non-toxic and non-staining, removable and reusable, works on finished wood, and two or three small dabs will hold up to 40 lbs! It comes with enough putty to hold over 40-50 items, will last for four years, and will not damage the interior surfaces of your RV.

You can find Rock-and-Roll Motion-proof Putty at Amazon.com for about $19 .

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