Saturday, November 26, 2022



Motorhome burns when fire erupts in engine compartment

The driver of a motorhome traveling between Belfast and Portland, Maine, Monday morning noticed smoke coming from under the hood and pulled into Savage Park off Riverside Drive in Augusta. The fire, which started in the engine compartment, destroyed the motorhome though two people and two dogs in the vehicle were able to get out safely, reported

Fire crews responded to the call around 7:10 a.m. and stayed on the scene for about an hour, Fire Chief Roger Audette said. Audette said the cause of the fire was unknown because there was too much damage to the engine compartment to make a determination. “We didn’t see any leaking fluids,” he said.

Audette said a propane tank on the vehicle posed a threat to trees around the vehicle and the crew containing the fire. He said firefighters were able to secure the tank quickly.

The damage to the motorhome, which was a complete loss, was estimated to be about $115,000.


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