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My Medic gets the RV first aid kit right, and you should have one


Most RVers have discovered, often at the worst possible time, that their rig lacks a basic first aid kit. Usually, this happens right after an injury or medical condition that requires treatment. Another version of this oversight is the homebrew first aid kit which never seems to have the right items. Recently I discovered that mine had four bottles of aspirin but no Band-Aids. Then, I discovered My Medic online. Problem solved.

My Medic makes emergency medical kits for various applications, including hiking, RVing, construction, cycling, personal carry, and automobiles. The kits range from pocket-sized to full backpacks and even extensively stocked kits for paramedics.

MyFAK Mini

The MyFAK (“My First Aid Kit”) Mini is priced at $99.95 and, weighing only 2.5 lbs., is a right-sized starting point for small RVs with limited storage space. A step up for RVers with a little more storage space is a full-sized MyFAK, which sells for $164.95.

This My Medic MyFAK Mini is the perfect size for small RVs.

MyFAK Mini Pro is well-stocked for all types of first aid

The MyFAK Mini Pro is well-stocked with first aid items.

Is your RV currently missing a proper first aid kit? Is the kit one of the common drugstore varieties or one hacked together from items in the home medicine cabinet? My Medic has a solution that will fit your budget and storage space and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re sufficiently prepared to meet the medical emergencies that happen on the road.

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1 month ago

This kit looks really good. The items are grouped into packets of items most likely to be used together. The only addition I’d make is to add a good tourniquet.

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