Near disaster as bus crosses bridge with weight limits


    Here’s a reminder to pay attention to bridges with weight restrictions that your RV may exceed. In this case, the result could have been tragic. On Saturday, October 13, 2018, a bus crossed a one-lane bridge with a 10-ton limit near Beaver Lake north of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Watch the bridge sag as the bus crosses. Video courtesy: Barb Hartman Mather. 

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    Tour bus, not a RV. One ton = 2,000 pounds, so the bridge is rated at 20,000 pounds. A loaded tour bus would indeed exceed 20,000 pounds.


    bus weighs 15 tons. easy


    There is no AC on top. It looks like a touring bus to me.


    If this is a “Touring Bus” size RV, then it would usually weight around 26,000 pounds. Some are as heavy as 30,000 pounds. Now THAT would well exceed the bridge limits. I think it is!


    I’m just not understanding this correctly. If the bridge is rated for 10 tons (20,000 lbs) and the Coach is 14,000 to 19,000 lbs, then isn’t it within the rated weight for this bridge?

    Rory Roberts

    I sincerely hope he won’t brag to other drivers that he crossed the bridge with no problem. I’ve read that buses are around 14k lbs, dry weight, and that is over the limit. Maybe it didn’t collapse when the bus crossed, but could it have been stressed, and might collapse in the future, maybe even with some vehicle under the weight limit….

    Doug K.

    I was just curious and looked up the weight of a touring bus and it says that the empty weight is about 11 to 14,000 tons. If it was fully loaded it could add about another 5,000 pounds to that witch means about 7,000 over weight limit for bridge.


    As some earlier poster wrote, the sag is not necessarily indication of the bus being overweight. Without evidence of the weight of the bus and the posted limitations of the bridge, this is just simply an interesting video of a bus crossing a bridge.

    A. W. Walker

    That driver is bound to say to someone in some online forum
    in the future, “Oh, that bridge? Yeah, I crossed in my coach; NO PROBLEM!”


    Actually, suspension bridges are designed to sag like this. There is a picture somewhere of the Golden Gate bridge with a mass of pedestrians crossing and it is sagging much more than this video.

    John Whitney

    Why do I have to watch a 17 second commercial for a store thousands of miles away?? Isn’t my monthly support sufficient??
    Last time I raised a similar case, you didn’t even have the courtesy to respond.
    Since you’ve added staff and been away from the helm, it seems much less attention has been paid to excess commercials.


    There are NO WORDS to really describe this, other than what a BAFOON and IDIOT!

    He is extremely, extremely LUCKY those Cables didn’t simply snap and dump that BUS into the River Below!

    WOW, Just WOW!