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Nevada alternatives to “Camp Walmart”


By Dave Helgeson

With only around a dozen municipalities containing a Walmart or two within their city limits, finding a suitable parking lot for a complimentary overnight stay in Nevada is not as easily done as in the more populous states. Conveniently, NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation) stockpiles gravel about every ten miles or so along many of its highways. These sites are a reasonable distance off the highway, level, nicely graveled, conveniently spaced along the route and offer a pleasant solitude place to boondock after a long day on the road. Unlike some other states that fence their DOT sites and post them against trespassing, NDOT sites are just another piece of the huge public land puzzle known as Nevada.

Helgeson ndotNDOT spots are easily spotted while driving down the highway, or you can plan in advance and locate them via Google Earth. With mountain ranges crisscrossing the state, most offer great views as an added bonus. Oh, and unlike campgrounds that forbid you from doing a little maintenance on your rig, the gravel makes a suitable surface to crawl around under your rig when checking for fluid leaks or other service needs. Did I mention your pet doesn’t need to be leashed either?

helgeson ndot 2For those of us that like to visit forgotten locations via the many dirt roads radiating throughout the state, NDOT sites provide a handy place to park the RV for the day while exploring with the tow or towed vehicle, too.

Check out an NDOT site on your next outing through Nevada. They offer most of the amenities of a Walmart, other than the street sweeper making the rounds at two in the morning. Sometimes us boondockers just have to sacrifice!


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6 years ago

I LOL when you commented about the 2 AM lot sweepers at Walmart. Yep, that will alter your frugalness quick if you want a good sleep; been there/ done that, TYVM.

Tommy Molnar
6 years ago

We (as longtime Nevada residents) are actually sorry to see this article because we’ve been doing this for YEARS and don’t want a sudden rush of additional folks ‘camping out’ at dirt piles. If this catches on too much, the DOT may put up the “Keep Out” signs at the entrances instead of the “Please Close The Gate” signs currently seen at most sites.

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