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New campground to open Aug. 6 at Idaho’s Stanley Lake

Stanley Lake

STANLEY — New campsites opening is welcome news just about anywhere in America, as the numbers of RV resorts and campgrounds fail to meet the increasing demand of campers. But when new campsites open in some of the country’s most scenic areas, it is cause for hootin’ and hollerin’ among RVers that like to camp in nature.

Such is the case at the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, that announced construction of a new campground loop at the Stanley Lake Campground will be complete on or around Monday, August 6, reports the Idaho Press.

Construction activities will then move to the Stanley Lake Inlet Campground to begin construction on a new boat ramp and parking area.

Because of the boat ramp construction, some campsites at the Stanley Lake Inlet Campground will be permanently closed. Campground visitors at affected sites within the Inlet Campground, within their 10-day stay limit, will be given first priority to move to the new campground to complete their stay.

Access to the existing boat ramp at Stanley Lake Inlet will remain until the new boat ramp construction is complete. Removal and naturalization of the abandoned boat ramp, road segments, and campsites should be completed this fall.



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4 years ago

This update was necessary due to the existing CG and road to the boat ramp crossed a wetland, hence flooding.

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