Sunday, October 2, 2022


News for Roadtrekkers

By Barry Zander
The free daily online discussion group for Roadtrek owners, CyberRally, is changing, obviously for the better. Within the next few days, the site moves to a different format using a program called, and those already enrolled will automatically be transferred.

Users will receive an invitation by email to accept or ignore. To accept the invitation, reply to the email, or you can accept the invitation on the website.

Some changes will require a learning curve, particularly to change/start a new topic if you are not replying to the same topic that you are reading at the time. This is necessary as discussions are arranged by topic, and if you reply within a topic with a different thought, it will be difficult for members to follow.

The website moderators invite questions sent to about using the address. This is best used once you are on the new discussion list and have checked around a bit.

Roadtreks are Class B and B+ camper vans distinguished by the three windows in the roof extrusion.



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