Nifty do-it-yourself bike rack saves money


By Jim Twamley

No need to spend wads of cash for a commercial bike rack for your rig. My friend Ed Grabman used a little imagination and made this bike rack out of some 2 x 4s, bolts and screw-in hooks.

Simply cut two pieces of 2 x 4 that will span your roof-access ladder. Temporarily screw them together and drill two holes that will match the diameter of your ladder sides. Also, make sure you drill the holes so they match the width of the ladder sides.

Lay the boards down and drill two holes for the retaining bolts and two holes for the retaining hooks. Make sure the holes for the retaining hooks are smaller than the diameter of the retaining hook screws so they will fit snugly. Remove the temporary retaining screws and paint or treat the wood so it will resist weathering.

Next, assemble the pieces on the ladder. I would mount the rack on top of a ladder rung to prevent it from sliding down. Screw in the hooks and hang up the bike. Secure the bike with bungee cords, straps, ropes or a combination of these. Be sure to tie off the front wheel to prevent the handlebars from flopping around and gouging or scratching your RV. As an alternative, you could make two of these ladder mounts and hang your bike vertically.

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