Wednesday, December 7, 2022


No kidding: Cactus grows out of tree branch!


By Chuck Woodbury
Have you ever seen anything like this — a cactus growing right out of a tree branch?

In this case, the cactus is growing about 15 feet up on a Mesquite tree along Johnson Creek near Ingram, Texas, in the Hill Country. It’s growing down toward the ground, not up like you might expect.

I have never seen anything like this in all my years of exploring the deserts of the Southwest. Have you?

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Juan Gil
1 year ago

Look what I found on our walk in San Antonio. How do I attach my picture of Cactus in a tree standing up.

4 years ago

I am not a botanist, but here in Florida, “oddball” stuff like that happens. I did ask a “plant guy” about it once and his explanation was this: “Birds eat flowers, plants, roots, & seeds, they then fly and poop said materials in odd places (like the crook of a tree, or a dead stump) then the seed takes root (after germinating in the bird, warm & dark) and starts to grow in that odd ball place.” Kind of like grass in a gutter of a house.

Maybe that is true, maybe not, sorry to pull back the curtain on the magic and expose the guy with the levers.

THE GREAT & POWERFUL OZ! (said in a loud deep voice)

Denny wagaman
4 years ago

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Glenda Alexander
4 years ago

I saw a prickly pear growing in the crotch of a dead tree on the Willow City Loop, near Fredericksburg, TX

Dr. Ron Cravey
4 years ago

Lived in Texas all my life and have seen many cactus growing out of trees and rocks. Prickly pear only needs a little soil in the crotch of a tree and it can start growing.

Mike Logan
4 years ago

In Feb. 2006 we were in Brownsville, TX when I came across a cactus growing out of the rain gutter and took photos. strange to see this. Will send photo to you later.

Smyrna, TN

4 years ago

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We all know this stuff happens and we must be willing to put up with it to follow the RV lifestyle that we love…a little help would surely be appreciated by all. Just sayin’…

4 years ago

common in the sonoran desert, southern arizona

4 years ago

It’s not uncommon to see Prickly Pears growing like that out of the rain gutters of mobile home awnings here in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Mike & Louise Bacque
4 years ago

Another fascinating symbiotic relationship in nature. Thanks for sharing.

Pam Shoemaker
4 years ago

I have seen this cactus! Johnson Creek RV Resort is a hidden paradise. My husband and I were fortunate to work camp there spring/summer of 2017. The owners are very special to us. Best park in the Hill Country!

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