Editor’s notes: Feb. 16, 2019


By Chuck Woodbury

Free listings for RV inspectors

We increasingly believe that anyone who buys an RV, new or used, must get it professionally inspected before buying, much the same as home buyers get a home inspected. If you are a trained, licensed inspector from the NRVIA or a knowledgeable RV mechanic who does inspections we will list your location and contact information for free. Learn more.

Want a bigger audience for your blog?

blogger, writerWe are opening our website to RVer bloggers, those already blogging but who would like a much larger audience. Please let me know if you are interested. We will provide you with access to a special section of RVtravel.com where you can blog to your heart’s content.

We’ll publicize your most interesting posts, which should send hundreds if not thousands of our readers your way. If your blog attracts a significant audience we can help you make money from it. Please contact me for more information — chuck@rvtravel.com . Be sure to include a link to your current blog (which must be related to RVing). It’s a bonus if you’re already familiar with WordPress (but not necessary).

Free publicity for your RV park and bargain camping for readers

If you own or manage an RV park and would like to offer a discount for our member-readers (those who voluntarily subscribe), please let me know. Below is an example, courtesy of my friend Alan Warren, who owns the Big Chief RV Resort in the Texas Hill Country.

There is no charge for your park to participate, so it’s free advertising. We’re not interested in 10% off offers, that’s not good enough. How about providing a “stay one night get the next night free” offer? Or, as Alan has, provide a free night (chances are most people will pay to stay longer) with no strings attached. We want to provide our members with genuinely great deals, not tiny discounts that are almost meaningless. We can make up a simple coupon for you at no charge.

Why we “preach” sometimes

I am 100 percent against 20-year RV loans, or loans with no money down — and I say so all the time. Here’s one example why: Listen to this one-minute excerpt from The RV Show USA where a woman really messed up when she financed her RV. We shared this yesterday in our newsletter, Beginner’s Guide to RVing, but you, too, really should listen.

Here’s the scoop: Six years ago a woman bought an RV for $90,000. She put zero down and financed it for 20 years. Then, after six years, she needed to sell the RV. She took it to consignment dealer PPL Motorhomes in Texas. Here, according to PPL owner Diana LeBlanc Link as interviewed on The RV Show USA, is what happened — how the woman needed to write a check for $40,000 after selling the RV just to pay off the loan!


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John Rist

What is recommended for the length of a loan? I’m in the process on buying a new RV and this would be helpful to me. Thanks, John Rist


20 year loans. Come on now, we’ve all been around the block a few times now……. I don’t mind the 20 year loan, or the 7 year vehicle loan, if the interest rate is good. I look and the numbers and if I can afford to double the principle amount every month then I take it! I have the flexibility to back off that extra payment if something happens down the road somewhere. Hopefully you’ll get a good 5 years of double payments in before you have to do that, and by then you should not be upside down any longer. I have found the best RV financing is at a FMCA show, or at Hershey, where banks are wheeling and dealing, and there is usually factory money on the table. But, you have to be realistic about your financial health.


Chuck, not sure where to put this comment, but figure you will read it here. About the new ad-free issue: while l don’t mind paying to get the extremely helpful information you publish, l learn much from pursuing the ad links, too! So I’ll probably wait until Sunday to get my weekly fix of RV news. Thanks for what you do! Christie

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse

Wow, reading your views on 20 year, no down loans and mandatory RV inspections reminds me of how Liberals are trying to control every aspect of my life. I agree that 20 year RV loans are bad news. The buyer needs to take responsibility for their actions and be smart enough to stay away. Yes, you are helping buyers and that is good! I am surprised lenders are willing to loan that much money at those terms which has the potential to make a bad investment for the lender. What is to stop me from defaulting on the loan and let the loaner eat the loss. Too many people feel this way. Like the mortgage bust 10 years, or so ago, I blame the lenders for bad loans.

As for mandatory inspections, you indicated that buying a home requires and inspection. If an RV gets the same inspection as my house did, I would feel my money would be wasted. My last house inspection was superficial and reported no issues. OK, my house has been a good house. My RV was purchased used and without an inspection (other than my own) and had no surprises. Let the purchaser be responsible for getting an inspection, and a loan that is a good fit for them. “they” are stupid. I will stand down off my soapbox and continue enjoying life.

Happy camping

Captn John

There are many tools available for us through out our lives. We must know HOW and WHEN to use them or LEAVE them on the shelf. I recall that covered in 6th grade economic class. The 20 year loan has made me a lot of money by leaving investments in tact and still paying over 1/2 the balance in less 2 years.

John Whitney

I like your actions here. However, I’m concerned that now the ads not only separate, and sadly lower the impact of your efforts, but that a google ad blocked half of your writing about bloggers. It also appears that you failed to tell your long-standing supporters of the Advantage this gains in furthering efforts other than increasing your income.


Terrific idea! You are so right, too, in that 10% off isn’t enough of a “Deal” to most people. The buy one, get one free is perfect.
Thanks again!!


Chuck, these are the kind of subscriber offerings that make you #1 in my book. Keep up the good work!